Ubisoft Announcement

A few hours ago, Ubisoft started a livestream on its YouTube Channel featuring a cave painting. The image depicts hunters and a number of different animals such as a saber-tooth tiger, a bear, a mammoth and an owl, to list a few. There appear to be scenes where a shaman of some sort acts out rituals, such as human sacrifice.



In the top left corner, there is a figure that clearly holds some sort of whip in his hand, forcing his enemies to cower in front of another figure that wears an animal skull on his head. This second figure wields a whip and a dagger. The same figure can be seen above this picture, while about to kill a kneeling man.

Besides the recreated hunting scenes and hand stencils, the other picture that stands out is a figure holding a staff near the bottom right corner. Based on the aura around her head and the design of her outfit, I’m guessing she is some sort of female deity. Or, an ancient astronaut. What do I know? A set of weapons also grabbed my attention. They form a circle and they are placed in the middle of the composition, which implies their importance. There is a dagger, a bow, a spear, a mace and of course, a human heart. (I think it’s a heart; I can be wrong. Let me know what you think?)

Every few minutes there is an animation that brings some of the scenes from the painting to life. The tiger leaps forward. There are groans, moaning and whispers combined with heavy drumbeats that oppress the screams of agony. There is mostly inaudible talking but I sometimes hear hastily uttered fragments of words. Follow me. Help me. Don’t shoot. Mercy. (Then again, during the time of tribal civilizations people probably didn’t speak proper English sooo… Let me know what you think.)

What does it all mean?

Well, we don’t know for sure. The stream is titled “Ubisoft Announcement – Coming Soon”. Some information has been leaked regarding the matter, but since it hasn’t been confirmed yet, all we can do is wait for the official word.

“Far Cry Primal takes you back to the Stone Age when man was definitely not at the top of the food chain.”
You can read the rest of the announcement and watch the trailer by clicking here.


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