Slashy Hero – Halloween Adventure

It’s Halloween night and the Evil Mansion has stolen all the candy! It is up to you, Slashy the Hero, to reclaim all the lost candy and save Halloween! The purpose of the game is to collect as much candy as possible by making your way from room to room, destroying enemies.

The game starts in a camp, which includes three portals and three NPCs. One of the NPCs offers to upgrade health, damage or speed in exchange for candy, the second one is there to support micro-transactions, such as ad removal and gem purchase, and the last one helps to tweak some options and connect to social media. The portals lead to different dungeons. The first one is a normal dungeon crawler—clear the rooms, get the candy, move on—the second one serves as a checkpoint where you can reload the previous level if you died, and the last one features survival mode, where you get to slay an endless wave of candy monsters.

Slashy Hero introduces a unique game mechanic where the player has to press and hold, then draw the direction that he wants Slashy to move. A white dashed line will show the selected path. Upon release, Slashy will trace the line, gaining speed and damaging enemies in his path. The only exception to this is when he hits a trap, in which case he will take damage and abruptly stop. Because of this feature, Slashy Hero is a fast-paced, dynamic game that requires quick decision making.



While dashing in rapid successions, be mindful of your surroundings.

There are 72 fun, collectible costumes in the game and each of them consists of a mask, a shirt and some sort of weapon. Each of these items can be acquired from drops or treasure chests. If the player finds the same item multiple times, it will increase the item’s original stats instead of taking up extra space in the inventory. This way the player can never own two of the same outfit.


Treasure chests are sometimes hidden in secret rooms. Keep an eye out for floating candy!

Slashy Hero is free to download from the app store and, because of that, there are ads that have to be watched in order to keep playing. On that note, I have to say as far as free games like this one goes, they handled this problem really well. The ads are not overwhelming and they didn’t really bother me that much. I didn’t feel like I spent way more time watching ads than playing the game. The only time I had to watch an ad was when I died; I had the option to watch it and revive on the spot, use gems to revive, or try again from the last checkpoint.

Overall, I found this game entertaining. It is colorful and visually appealing, it has silly costumes that give me a reason to keep playing. I want to finish the collection, just to see how all the outfits look like. Combat is fun; every time I destroy a ghost or a pumpkin I feel like I just popped open a pinata—it’s probably the sound effects. In any case, it’s fun and satisfying.


There was only one time I encountered a bug, but it wasn’t game impairing. After I equipped a new costume the character animation froze and Slashy wasn’t walking but sliding on the floor. It was rather funny. Later when I died the animation reset and I haven’t seen this problem since.

There aren’t really any bad things that I can say about this game. One thing I thought was weird is the ability upgrade system. I mentioned earlier that candy can be traded for upgrades. So, let’s say these are your stats:

Health: 1     Damage: 1     Speed: 1

Now, let’s say you can level up any one of these for a 100 candy.

Health: 2     Damage: 1     Speed: 1

So, now you have increased health but everything else is the same. Your next upgrade will now cost 200 candy, but not only for the health! Upgrading your damage or speed will also cost 200, even though they are still level one. There is one constant price for upgrades and this will never change.
I thought this was strange, but considering you gorge yourself on candy the entire game it’s not really an issue. My advice is, keep your abilities somewhat balanced.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Did you try the game? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know
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