Is Subnautica Worth The Hype?

December 25, 2016

“Approaching crush depth, please return to the surface ASAP” I hear my pda tell me. Despite its rather pertinent warning (Dying by being crushed is NOT a fate I am particuarly fond of), I am so close to my objective I have no intention of doing so. To prevent the destruction of my seamoth (a mini-submersible), I exit the submarine and immediately begin surveying the area. From the events of…


Besiege: Building Epic Contraptions for Fun and Profit

February 9, 2015

Besiege is an indie Early Access title created by Spiderling Games, a small video game company based in southern England. In Besiege, you create a siege engine from a variety of parts, and have a series of campaign levels to unleash your ingenious contraptions on, appealing to those of us with grand schemes of evil-geniusing. The challenge comes in when you realize that most of your contraption will have to…