The Wonderful World Of Print & Play

That's a crowded glacier, right there.
November 13, 2014

Is there such a thing as a hobby WITHIN a hobby? Because if there isn’t, I have found something that definitely qualifies. My hobhobbyby (which is a name I don’t think will catch on) is crafting “print and play” games.  Print and Play is a term given to games that don’t exist in the real world until you make them yourself. You are given all of the files and instructions,…


Top 3 Free Multiplayer PC Games

World of Tanks
February 9, 2014

Great Gaming Can Be Free As much as love mobile gaming, sometimes you need an honest to goodness PC game. When most people think of multiplayer games, World of Warcraft, EVE and Call of Duty are the ones that typically come to mind. Here’s the thing, all of those cost money and most require a monthly subscription fee. Lame. Here are three free multiplayer pc games that are just as fun…


Win a free $10 Google Play Gift Card

Google Play gift card
January 25, 2014

We are giving away a free $10 Google Play gift card that can be redeemed in the Google Play store for apps, books, magazines, movies and TV shows. It’s pretty much the bee’s knees. All you have to do is enter via our fancy-schmancy RaffleCopter widget. We will announce the winner on February 2nd. Enter now and win! a Rafflecopter giveaway


Weekend Round-Up

Here are all the stories you may have missed this week. Verizon Most Expensive Carrier According to Study You Should Watch This: British Guy Announces Football 5 Ways Make Your Old Android Smartphone Feel New You Should Watch This: Doctor To The Streets Best Android Twitter Client of 2014 What the heck is Bitcoin?  

January 18, 2014

You Should Watch This: British Guy Announces Football

January 16, 2014

This is what happens when a british guy announces football. I think this is the equivalent to an American trying to announce curling. Favorite part: “They’ve won a crystal! “ Want more great videos and articles in your inbox? Subscribe to our blog over there to the right and you’ll be notified through email when anything new is posted!


Best Android Twitter Client of 2014

Best Android Twitter Client
January 14, 2014

  An  Android Twitter Client You Can Sink Your Talon’s Into I’ve finally found a Twitter app for my Nexus 4 that I can sink my Talon’s into. I’ve been using Twitter since 2011 and I’ve had an Android smartphone for just as long. In the past 3 years I’ve tried no less than 7 different major Twitter apps on my phone and I’ve always been dissatisfied. Enter Talon, the…


What the heck is Bitcoin?

January 14, 2014

Over the past year, Bitcoin has generated a lot of buzz because of it making some people very rich. Here’s the answers to some of your Bitcoin questions.  What is it? Bitcoin is a virtual currency. You can not hold a bitcoin in your hand. You can send bitcoins virtually to another person through highly encrypted transactions. There is a limit to how many Bitcoins will be in existence once…