Think You’ve Got Fast Fingers? Try This Game and See!

Alright guys.

Have you played the game aa? It’s freakishly addictive. Let’s talk about it.screenshot 3

Okay so- I found this game about a month ago on the Google Play store [you can find it here:](it’s also available for Apple products [here:]), and I haven’t been able to put it down. The game has a real simple concept but each level challenges you as you progress and it’s just way good.

 To play, all you have to do is shoot the pegs in your queue in between the pegs that are already rotating around the center circle. Seems simple, right?


screenshot 2

The rotation CHANGES. That’s right. It goes from being clockwise to counterclockwise and all crazy breaks loose. You don’t know if you can handle such rapid challenge and change.


The brilliant people who created this highly addicting and wonderfully challenging game (we’re lookin’ at you, developers at General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd) threw in a total game changer. There comes a point where it stops just pleasantly rotating around at a consistent speed. Pretty soon you’re having to time it out between sudden bursts of quick and slow rotations, and it gets tricky. It gets to the point where it seems near impossible and you don’t know if you can tap fast enough to fit the right number of pegs in the open spaces.

screenshot 1

I tell you, this game is fantastic. If you think that you’ve got quick response time and a knack for timing, then this game is for you. It keeps you on your toes and makes you want to keep playing.


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