Why I Can’t Get Enough of Super Smash Brothers for Wii U

Gosh dang it, he’s way too dang good at this game,” I thought as yet again, Palutena was being smashed into the ground and bouncing off to the edge of the screen. His Sheik was gracefully jumping and kicking and smashing me all over creation. I felt hopeless! Quickly, I got my character up, double jumped to get behind Sheik, then with a quick swipe of my right joystick, Palutena’s gigantic wings delivered a strong smash attack that sent my foe flying. Finally! I’d gotten a kill.

Now I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy video games. So does my boyfriend, and he’s really, really good. But, unfortunately, we are in a long distance relationship, so we try to find as many activities as possible to do with one another, and what better way to do so, then play what can easily be called the best game to come out for Wii U?

Obviously, one of our favorite features is online gameplay. This beefed up feature is one that requires an, at minimum, decent wifi connection on both ends. Unfortunately, you can get the occasional lag that will mess up a game, but with the other enjoyable qualities of this game, a rare lag is small beans. Not to mention, if you’ve played Brawl, then you know how absolutely terrible (and I mean, really really horrible) online play was on the Wii form of Smash. People wouldn’t fight, it’d lag, there were so many issues and it was just not really worth your time. Now, playing online on the Wii U is actually worthwhile and fun!

Screenshot 1

Online gameplay has two main options; For Fun or For Glory. To quickly explain- For Fun is for those who aren’t quite as serious, want to play with a friend, maybe are not quite as confident at playing quite yet, or just wanna play in one of the two sub-options; 2 on 2 or four-player free for all. For Glory, well, that’s for the players of the game who want to move up in the ranks. It’s a great way to see where you lie as a competitor and hone your skills. Both options are a HUGE upgrade to the Super Smash Brothers series, and have been a big draw for a lot of players. They have also added Omega mode, which is an awesome feature for those who don’t care for levels that move, change, or have a lot of obstacles, and just want to battle it out with no frills.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the rest of the game too. The stuff that is off of wifi is equally as awesome and has got a lot of the things that we loved from previous games. Tour mode, though confusing and hard to get the grasp of at first, is a surprisingly rewarding and fulfilling part of the game.

OH MAN LET ME TALK ABOUT MULTIPLAYER. Okay so playing in multiplayer is my favorite. With the right ratio of wiimotes/nunchucks, pro controllers, and/or gamecube controllers using an adapter.. and did I mention you can connect the Nintendo 3DS?! So handy and WAY COOL- you can play 8 player smash, which makes SSB one of the best party games. It is SO RARE that you can get that many people playing on a single console. A couple weeks ago some family came to visit and we played multiplayer. There were only five of us, but it was still incredibly fun.8 player

Have I mentioned that they kept the smash ball from SSB Brawl? That little ball brings so much panic to a room when people start trying to go for it, being afraid that someone else is going to get that ball, and then when someone does get it, everyone runs for the hills. It’s something I didn’t realize I’d appreciate as much as I do.

Smash Ball

The game itself runs incredibly smooth, with each of the returning characters being honed and fine tuned to be solidly great fighters with their strengths, as well as each new character bringing something new to the table that surprises us all. It’s a very well put together list of characters with a lot of options that can fit more closely to your personal strengths- speed, strength, agility, versatility, durability, they’ve got it all.

character screen

Overall, I’d say that this game would easily be the best purchase for those of you who own a Wii U. It’s the best game to come out this far for the console, and it’s so versatile that it’s something you can enjoy, whether alone and lounging or with friends and partying. I easily rate this game a 9.9 out of 10 and would recommend it to anyone!

Let us know what you think! Do you like this game? How has your history been with the series? What would you like them to improve? Let us know in the comments below!


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