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History is not my strong suit, but I did help write and perform in a puppet show about the life and times of Joseph Stalin for a middle school project. It was a weird marriage of light-hearted fun with devastating facts of one of the most ruthless men of all time. I got a B. I have no idea if I stepped over a line, but I do know that I learned a lot about Joseph Stalin because of it. But now, Most Glorious Comrade and Most Incorruptible Patriot are here to put the “fun” in “information”. All it needs is YOU.

What a name....
I see you, Tricky Dick.

Most Glorious Comrade and Most Incorruptible Patriot are two card games featuring influential figures from the worlds of democracy and communism that you can play separately or mixed together. From Mao Zedong to Winston Churchill, you can pick from a dozen different world leaders to vie for voters or members of the proletariat using ridiculously real events in history.

You can send people to the Gulag or to detainment camps. You can redistribute goods among players and accuse others of being dirty capitalist pig dogs. You can lead your people alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Games are quick, but your actions represent a much larger period of time.

The art is both beautiful and terrifying.
The art is both beautiful and terrifying.

These games are compact and are incredibly easy to teach, but tackle some very interesting subjects. I’m no history buff, so some of the events are unfamiliar to me, but the illustrations in this game are fascinating and make me want to learn more about it. What’s perestroika? Didn’t Trotsky write Crime and Punishment? Or was it The Nutcracker?I’m all for games being educational, so each leader even has a small bio on the back of their card detailing their achievements and atrocities. They’re like baseball cards, but with so many more crimes against humanity.

MGC and MIP show that the world is crazy enough that saluting bears and monocle dogs aren’t a far stretch from reality. There really are evil warlords that exist on earth, not just in fantasy realms. There are heroes that fight for justice and truth that don’t wear spandex, but instead sit in the front of buses. Your game night can become a jumping off point into serious topics of conversation or it can just poke fun at our history with some wonderful illustrations. Either way, these games have made me curious about many different subjects I was not interested in before, so I think that is a pretty big accomplishment with on 104 cards.

Most Glorious Comrade and Most Incorruptible Patriot are seeking funds on Kickstarter. Check it out!

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