Easy Breezy Travel Agency: Long Name, Great Game

I am a huge sucker for colorful board games, games that look like they were in the middle of the food fight from Hook, dripping with hues and shades that pop out of the dull backgrounds of store shelves. So when I saw the final box art for Easy Breezy Travel Agency, I was extremely disappointed. I was sad because behind that brown suitcase is a bright, happy, and cheerful card game-that is, until my wife steals my clients out from under me and sends them to Chicago before I do.

But then again, chocolate is brown...
Brown? I can hardly hold back my excitement.

Easy Breezy Travel Agency (from now on just Easy Breezy, because who has time to type the full title? Not me.) is a 54-card game from Dice Hate Me Games that hires you and 1-3 other players as travel agents in the thriving metropolis of…Sheboygan, Wisconsin. As you can imagine, Sheboyganites are a restless bunch, itching to take a vacation away from the hustle and bustle. Your goal is to send these people to their destinations before your competitors, collecting commissions for every paying paying passenger on that trip. Bonus points are given at the end of the game for your most common destinations and transportation type and the player with the most points at the end wins.

You can only vacation in four places. Deal with it.
Now that’s more like it!

The game is simple enough that on your turn you have do one of three things: grab more passengers from the queue, send passengers on a trip, or reorganize your hand, possibly stealing customers from an opponent’s waiting room. I won’t go through the rules too deeply, but the game is basic enough that it can be taught in two minutes.

Apologies to all the Jacki's out there.
There’s a Jacki in this game, but no Rob? Offense taken.

Even with just two players, the game feels crowded, but in no way is that a bad thing. You can grab passengers your rival needs and send them on a trip that earns you pennies on the dollar, just to deny your opponent of a huge sale. That is one of the meanest things I have seen in a card game lately and I love it. As you add more players, the game can be hard to plan around, but it is still a good time, just not as great as two players.

What? This photo wasn't staged...
The game in its natural habitat, the kitchen table.

Easy Breezy stands comfortably among No Thanks! and Coloretto as a small-box card game that is easy to teach, quick to play, and loads of fun. But if you even think about booking those people to New York on that train, we are no longer friends.

Rob Cramer
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  1. Great review. I agree that it is comparable to Coloretto, though a little easier to learn and has far more “replay-ability”.

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