What the- Time Crisis 5?

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I have had an interesting Amiibo hunting week.  I hope you guys found some of your much wanted unicorns these past few days.  I found a Captain Falcon, and I couldn’t be happier.  I also saw Marths, Charizards, Dark Pits, Foxes, Little Macs, and some lonely Olimars.  It was magical.

Three days ago, though, I couldn’t find anything but a few neglected Luigis.  Rumors were flying around that a restock was coming, and some stores were proving those rumors to be true.  Excited, I rushed out early morning on the 6th, but only found disappointment.  Fueled by determination and a little Chik-Fil-A, I drove around town, hoping to find a store that got lucky.  This lead me to a large mall and plaza area that had the Best Buy I had the greatest hope for.  Sadly, no dice.  The employees were helpful, but they had no idea what I was talking about; communication has be notoriously poor for most of this Amiibo craziness.

I decided to give up for the day.  If someone did have a set of Amiibos, they were long gone, and the weather was not looking good for driving.  Desert weather can be quite the diva in the fall.  It was, however, good for walking around the open air mall nearby.  I wandered past a Dave and Busters, deciding not to give in to temptation, and succeeded in walking about twenty steps when the rain started.  Taking that as a sign to go play in the arcade, I quickly scampered inside and discovered the games had been rearranged.  This is always a good signal for new games.  After loading up my play card, I found this beauty:

Gorgeous and even patched. Mmmmm.

What?!  They made another Time Crisis?  Of course they did!  Namco Bandai has rolled out another arcade iteration of their famous rail shooter series.  This rendition came out in March of this year, and it comes with a new gameplay gimmick.  Typically, you use a foot pedal to hide from impending doom.  Stepping on the pedal lets your character stand up and shoot at the enemies on the screen.  Releasing the pedal reloads your guns and dodge bright red projectiles coming for your screen.  This time, there are two pedals, and stepping on one lets you fire from one angle, while stepping on the other instantly changes your position.  This allows you to get the jump on hiding enemies, and lets you escape greater dangers like falling helicopters.  They’ve also simplified the weapon swap system.  In previous games, you had to be coordinated enough to release the foot pedal and pull the trigger while in hiding.  This time, there’s just a button on the side that lets you alternate between weapons with ease.

Freaking Candy Crush and its intense bug zapper glow.

One thing I have always appreciated with the Time Crisis series is the progression of graphics.  They have always been spaced out enough to where you can see the quality jump for each installment.  Time Crisis 5 utilizes the Unreal Engine to make everything look really nice.  It still has that Namco charm with realistic environments, and characters with visual personality.  It’s not over the top, but very interesting to see.  You know a Namco character when you see them.


Dodge these huge red circles. Also, it looks like they’re shooting Candy Crush, which is wonderful.

The major downside to Time Crisis 5 is availability.  Namco has released several of their Time Crisis games to console, but the fifth installment is arcade exclusive.  On top of that, home releases tend to be expensive and hard to find.  If you don’t have an arcade nearby that can throw money at a brand new cabinet, you might be out of luck when it comes to actually playing the game.  If you do get the opportunity to play Time Crisis 5, I thoroughly recommend grabbing a friend and giving it a shot (badum-psh!).

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