New TLoZ: Tri Force Heroes Trailer!

Hello fair readers!  Just a quick bit of news today.  Nintendo released a new trailer detailing more information about the next installment in The Legend of Zelda series, Tri Force Heroes!  There’s a tidbit of story explaining who you’re saving and why they’re important.  It seems a little vapid, but probably has some world shattering effect; we shall see.

It also details a little bit about the multiplayer aspect, that it is not a local-only game, but allows you to connect online with other players, be they familiar friend or random stranger.  Nifty if you really want to try your part mime, part emote communication skills.  The trailer also explains how lone wolves can still play the game, with a ton of micromanagement.  Lastly, we get some information about some of the limitations the players will encounter, such as only being able to hold one item per character, as well as some of the strange outfits we can dress our Links in.

I tried the demo for this game long ago, and I can definitely say that, so far, it is really fun and really challenging.  Shallow sounding story aside, I am so excited to play this game when it arrives.  Who’s with me?


The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes comes out for the 3DS October 23rd, 2015.


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