Horribly Late Christmas Ornament

Here’s a riddle for you, dear readers.  What do you get when you mix one part laziness, two parts easily distracted, and a sprinkle of festive cheer for flavor?  My Christmas tree, still sitting in my living room!  I can’t possibly be the only person with their decorations still up, right?  Right.  This does give me an opportunity to do something I had been planning to do before Christmas, but couldn’t find the hardware to accomplish.  But first, some backstory!

I celebrated my anniversary to the loving Owen in November.  I decided to spoil myself with a couple of Funko’s My Little Pony blind boxes.  These were from the second series, and I was hoping and praying for a Discord.  I love that they’re doing well enough to go past the [generic pony body] + [specific character accessories] molds.  I picked a couple of them up at a Barnes and Noble in a high-brow, outdoor mall across town.  We sat down for dinner at place fancier than I should ever be allowed access to, and I grew impatient.  I had to know what characters I got.  With Owen’s slightly embarrassed blessing, I tore into the first box.

Woo hoo!

Happy day, it’s Discord!  I couldn’t believe my luck.  It made the night even happier, like a bonus gravy of joy on an already delectable evening.  My attention shifted to the second box.  “What could be in you, my dear?  Maybe a Trixie?  Or a Big Mac?  I’d even be okay with a main character,” I pondered, mulling over the possibilities.  Our waitress arrived with our drinks, and a faint smirk on her face, probably amused by my childish activities.  I didn’t care.  Once we were alone again, I tore into the second box, ripped the protective bag open, and found my new prize.

Woo… hoo?



Two Discords!  Well, poop.  I felt a little deflated.  What am I going to do with two of you?  I didn’t have any nearby friends to give it to, Owen wasn’t really interested in having his own tiny agent of chaos, and space on my desk is somewhat of a premium.

My weird, crafty side perked up.  Christmas was coming up, why not turn him into an ornament?  He would fit right in with all of the Pinkie Pie ornaments I have!  What’s Christmas if not a little chaotic and a little crazy?

A fistful of crazy! And Twilight in a sock for some reason.

First, I had to decide who to sacrifice.  One of the figures has a few more blemishes than the other, so I used him.  If you decide to try this, I recommend using a duplicate, or a character you don’t like.  If you really don’t like this character, maybe consider it as a gift in the next eleven months.  I also recommend using a figure you don’t mind destroying.  New craft projects are like pancakes, the first one may catch fire.

Second, the most difficult part of this, I had find these things.

Screw eyes! I thought they were called eyelets, which is a completely different product. Oops.

These are tiny screw-in eyes meant for use in jewelry.  If you go to your nearby craft shop, there’s a good chance you’ll find them in the beading section, next to all of the fasteners and hardware.  If you aren’t sure your store will have them, and some of them don’t, online retailers like Amazon should have them.  Just be aware that you might end up with over a hundred of them.

Third, I got to screwing!


Gathering my materials and feeling a little villainous at the same time.

Initially, I wanted to put the screw into his head, but decided he looked more terrified of something than mischievous.  Instead, I opted to put the hook above his shoulders to try and make him look like he’s floating and trying to be sneaky.  With wonky, asymmetrical figures, you have to take balance into account when deciding where to put the screw.  One last caveat I didn’t really have to worry about with this project, but others attempting might have to think about: look out for seams.  Putting the eye screw between two joining parts might loosen their connection.  It would be awful to complete this simple craft only to have a limb, wing, tail, or head pop off from the stress of the new screw.

Discord is made of a pliable material (I think vinyl), so I was fairly confident I could just plop the screw in.  I was wrong, but I was confident.  I needed a pilot hole for the screw to spin into, but all of my drill bits were far too large for this operation.  The answer?  A straight pin and some hammering from my needle nose pliers.  Elegant?  No, but it was effective.  Once the thread caught the material, I twisted it in by hand until I needed the pliers to finish it off.

Do your best rendition of Brutus, with a hint of Psycho.

If you do decide to attempt this, but your figure is a hard plastic, or firmer material in general, I do recommend finding a drill bit and very slowly make a shallow pilot hole about the depth of the screw you’re using.  Just make sure it’s smaller than the shaft of the screw you’re using.

Procedure’s done.

Once the screw is in, all that’s left is to run some string, ribbon, or an ornament hook through the eye.  Tie it off, hang it up, and enjoy!

Seeing how he looks with my small herd of ponies. He looks devious, which is accurate. Perfect!
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