Guild Wars 2 Free for Everyone

In a stunning and ballsy announcement today, ArenaNet has decided to release their game Guild Wars 2 for all to play for free.  It sounds like they are banking on their new expansion, Heart of Thorns, to be enticing enough for players to open their wallets.

Don’t get too excited, spammers, and don’t get very nervous, veterans.  It sounds like ArenaNet has put a lot of thought into this action and the potential for spammers, cheaters, scammers, bots, and general unpleasantness.  There’s a slew of restrictions for new, free accounts: fewer character slots, less storage space, a restriction on the currency exchanges, and communication with other players.  There’s even boundaries to keep people from rushing into higher level areas.  I’m skeptical, but definitely excited to see this succeed.  It allows fresh blood into the game, while still (hopefully) keeping the integrity of the community.  Also, it means I can try to lure some friends into the game that stole so much of my time.

The Shatter awaits!

Guild Wars 2: Heart of the Storm comes out October 23rd.  If you’d like to skip the restricted account, you can pre-purchase the expansion and get everything unlocked for your account, as well as participate in beta tests with the new character, The Revenant.


Click here to check out the official announcement.

Click here to sign up and download Guild Wars 2 for free.

Click here to skip all of this and purchase the full game and expansion.



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