Guild Wars 2 for $10.00


Just a quick heads up.  I’m already late by a day posting this, but I just heard of it, and thought perhaps some of our readers would be interested in this deal as well.

Alongside the official announcement of Guild War 2‘s first expansion, Heart of Thorns, players can get a digital base Guild Wars 2 game for $10.00 this weekend.  For just five dollars more (a grand total of $15.00), you can also get the fancier deluxe version with a few more advantageous perks, like a special summon skill, a servant for a short time, and a book and cup that give you a boost in your PvP and guild activities.

Truth be told, I’m completely oblivious to MMORPGs and ignorant of their terms and how they work.  I have no idea how useful any of these things might be.  The cup and book could be completely useless.  I do know, though, that I have been looking to play an MMO, and World of Warcraft is not my cup of tea.  I am thinking about Elder Scrolls Online, especially after they announced that they were removing the subscription fee and instead adding a premium subscription.  In the meantime, though, $10.00 with no subsequent fee sounds like a pretty sound way to get my toes wet in the MMORPG world.

The sale ends today, Sunday, January the 25th.  If you’re interested, I recommend hopping on it now.

Click here to go to the sale page!

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