Die Already! Mola Mola!

I’ve been playing a lot of different games lately, but I had to share one in particular because of its bizarre quirkiness: Survive! Mola Mola!  If you’re looking for a fun and deceptively dark game, I definitely recommend Mola Mola.

The entire game is part Cookie Clicker, part Tamagochi.  You raise a determined sun fish, the last of its 300 million clutch, that wants nothing more than to be the biggest sun fish ever.  This is the Tamagochi part.  You make your tiny, spiky fry into a massive fatty for the sake of his pride, and a little of your own.  You unlock new foods for him to eat, all of which add more and more weight to his majestic mass until the Cookie Clicker part kicks in.

As you feed him, he will get bigger and go through fishy puberty.

I’m not talking about the passive swiping to feed your fish; I’m talking about the resetting to progress.  In Cookie Clicker, you had to reset your progress to really get further in the game.  Every reset would allow you to gain a permanent buff to your profits, making you excel faster.  You intentionally push a button saying to sell it all.  In Mola Mola, you reset by accidentally killing your fish in a few dozen fashions.  It’s incredibly morbid, and you would never know just by looking at the cute 16-bit-esque graphics.

Each death brings an increased chance of survival for the next generation against that specific cause of death.  On top of that, you gain a 15% buff to weight gain.  There’s a benefit to killing your fish, making this even more morbid.  You start to become hopeful that Mr. Turtle will come along and end your current fish so you can move along faster.

Excellent! He froze to death! That’s a normal thought process, right?

As you unlock new foods, you unlock new ways for your fishy to choke or eviscerate himself.  New adventures also mean new ways for him to crash, drown, smoosh, or freeze himself to death.  I took a screenshot once, and the fish freaked out from the flash and crashed into the aquarium, killing himself.  I did some brief research; while some of the scenarios sound absurd, a lot of them seem to have some scientific merit and reflect the research put behind the game.  Do turtles cause social anxiety in mola mola fish?  I’m not sure, but I am willing to praise the extra thought put behind the game.

The golden turtle gives you a brief frenzy mode that makes your fish fatten up even faster. He’s a different kind of killer turtle, I guess.

The best part of this game is that you can play it actively, making sure he’s eating everything in sight, or you can just run your finger along the screen passively and still make some progress.  It’s a nice time passer for when I’m waiting somewhere or on a road trip.  You can have your game going while you study or read.  In fact, I’m doing it right now.  I’m on Mola #62.

The least messed up death, achieved by staying in the aquarium.


You can download the game for iOS here!

You can download the game through Google here!

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