Calling All Artists! – Guild Wars 2

Hello dear readers, master artists or doodlers extraordinaire alike!

If you haven’t logged in lately, or at all, you may not have noticed that ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 has been undergoing a serious metamorphosis in preparation for the release of their latest expansion, Heart of Thorns.  Skills and abilities have been rebalanced and redesigned to a point, Lion’s Arch (a central city in the game that was destroyed in a story arc) has been completely rebuilt, and guild halls have been announced to return with the expansion.  Because of that last part, ArenaNet has decided to hold a contest to design the next emblem to become part of their game.  Five winners will be chosen, and their designs will become options for use by guilds in the game.

If you’re interested, head over to HERE to check out the page and information from their website.  They have examples and templates for entrants to use that are quite handy.  Please, please, please make sure you read the rules and legalities to be sure you’re comfortable with them.  There are some fairly strict guidelines you have to follow for submission.  You have until August 1st, 9 A.M. pacific to submit your works of art.  You don’t have to have a Guild Wars 2 account, but some of the prizes available to winners will be digital items for the game.

Announcing the Guild Wars 2 Guild Emblem Contest [Guild Wars 2 Official Site]


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