Arcade Weirdness – Dizzy Chicken

I have always had a passion for arcade games. Fancy fighting games, flamboyant rhythm games, gimmicky ticket games, they are all my loves. There’s a great energy that’s hard to beat when you’re surrounded by bright lights, happy noises, and excited people of all ages.

Unfortunately, when my old home lost its last large arcade, the established community faded and interest was dead. The only thing remaining was a couple of Peter Piper Pizzas with poorly maintained machines that oozed pizza grease. It was a sad time, but I still had hope I’d get to live in a place with thriving arcades somewhere. My wish was granted, and now I hope to share my joy with you, dear readers. Who knows, it might just become a long term thing.

The first game I’d like to talk about is a weird game I love called Dizzy Chicken!  This quirky little ticket game is one of the few ticket games that doesn’t feel rigged. Being able to gauge your own strength output is most important, taking some of the less-than-random number generator out of the picture.

I don’t know why this game was so alluring, but I definitely regret nothing.

The game consists of an upward spiral, a ball to roll up said spiral, and a lever for you to yank. It’s simple, straightforward, and deceptively challenging. Along the rail of the spiral lays a trail of lights that let you know where you need put the ball.  Each color denotes a different ticket amount, the lowest of which sandwiching the greater values.  Too much or too little force will get you squat for tickets.  Finesse the ball just right, and you’re richly rewarded.  If you’re really good, and manage to roll the ball to the red section or even the green light, you get a bonus roll that lets you try for just the green light.  It’s like a green, little ticket beacon in a sea of blue.  The incredibly lucky and truly skilled can essentially get three times the jackpot amount.  At my local arcade, that means 1,500 tickets.

Here’s the playing field! The spiral’s colors change for each game you play, so you have to get a feel for how hard you have to hit the lever.
Bonus shot! I managed to roll the ball into the red section. No green this time.
The bonus round only has one green, marking 1,000 tickets. The rest are all blue, or a consolation prize of 10 tickets.




I hope the next time you have a chance, you visit an arcade. Maybe you’ll even give the game with the crazy chicken on top a shot.  If you enjoy amusing games of skill, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Dizzy Chicken.

If you have an arcade game you’d like featured, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to track it down!

I am RNDMMeow, catless crazy catlady extraordinaire! Obsessed with gaming big and small, I relish in the weird and quirky. Join me on Twitch every Tuesday as I burrow through my collection of games, one life at a time.

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