Angry Birds Arcade

Hello dear readers!  I had a fun time getting stuck in a rainstorm a few weeks ago, and decided to take shelter in an arcade instead of driving in the craziness.  Rain makes desert dwellers crazy, believe me.  While there, I saw the previously mention  Time Crisis 5, which was an absolute surprise.  I also found another wonderful surprise: Angry Birds Arcade.

A few months ago, I heard news that the mobile legend was moving into the arcade, which wasn’t a huge surprise.  A number of mobile games have taken the leap into huge cabinets such as Infinity Blade, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, and a few others.  Most of these have taken the little screen and made them a giant touch screen with a similar gameplay.  Swipe your hands frantically across the screen and eventually get some tickets.  Not bad, but Rovio had bigger plans.

Beastly cabinet! ICE did such a good job with this game.

The cabinet for Angry Birds Arcade is huge!  It’s almost the length of a skeeball cabinet, and is substantially taller.  Enclosed is a screen and a plunger system used to launch red balls at said screen.  You, the player, only get to control where the launcher points, which is enough control.  The plunger is like one you find on a pinball machine, but with a much, much stronger spring.  I imagine children probably have problems playing this game because of the needed strength to pull back the plunger and aim at the same time.  Thankfully, the game does give you a nice circle to help you aim, but your own strength and stability will truly affect  how well you hit your target.  Also appreciated is the mulligan you get if you don’t launch the ball hard enough and miss the screen altogether.

Here’s what you control. It’s a little awkward, and that string is pretty tough to compress.
Here’s the red ball, ready to be launched.

The gameplay itself is interesting.  Instead of just being a normal level in Angry Birds, Rovio has modified the levels to give the player a frontal view.  There are four pigs to pop, and they all roost in various towers the player has to hit with the ball.  The player gets three birds to launch at the screen, and will be rewarded depending on how well they perform.  If you can clear the level with your first shot, you can win up to 500 tickets.  If not, you still get tickets, albeit a less impressive amount.  It’s all very quick, like an appropriate arcade game, but still a lucrative game for the ticket hunter.

This is what you’re faced with each time you play. The pigs on the bottom are spring mounted signs, which is kinda cute.
A friend of mine managed to get the 500 tickets on his first play. I was a little jealous.

Angry Birds Arcade joins a growing trend of mobile games turned arcade game.  Instead of just using a giant screen to play the usual Angry Birds level, Rovio has made an interesting and fun alternative to the same old, same old.  If you see the game in your local arcade, play it and see just how amusing it is!


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