Amiibo Madness!

Happy Saturday, dear readers!  I hope everyone had a great week, and for the Amiibo hunters out there, a successful Friday.

For me, yesterday went exceptionally well.  I managed to get the Amiibos I wanted and even a couple I wasn’t planning on getting (like Greninja).  I do have a quick story to tell from my adventures in line.

I was second in line at my local Toys R Us.  I arrived around 6:30 to make sure I had a decent chance at something.  In front of me was this teen guy, I’d say about 15 or 16.  He just had his purple chair and little else to survive this madness.  After a brief good morning, I ask how long he’s been here. He was dropped off by his parents at 4:30 that morning and had been sitting there ever since.  He didn’t bring any provisions to protect himself from the sun, nor dehydration.  Being in Phoenix, this was a horrible idea, and a great way to turn into human jerky rather quickly.

We got to talking about what games we had been playing, and he gushed over his excitement to play the latest Fire Emblem.  I never had fun with that series, but I could tell it was one of his favorites.  He was thrilled, to the point of mildly paranoid, that he was going to get a Robin and Lucina.  For the sane readers out there, these two were going to be some of the hardest Amiibos to find this wave, tied in second to Ness.  He was defensive of his spot, and rightfully so.  We did have a couple of people try to get to the front, though that might be my paranoid self kicking in.

7:30 comes and the manager emerges from the store with a sign.  It says we can have one of each available character.  We could have one of Robin, Lucina, Charizard, Pac Man, Splatoon characters, Greninja (woo!), and… Marth.  Again, for the sane, Marth was a wave 1 release and immediately became impossible to find when Nintendo announced they weren’t planning on making many of him.  Popularity thing, I guess.  The kid went from intense joy to pained contemplation.  He said he had Pac Man preordered, wanted Greninja, and really wanted Robin and Lucina.  That’s what he could afford, and it all fit nicely.  Throwing Marth into the mix created an impossible decision: who to cut from his list?  He sat there, muttering to himself for a while, trying to pick who to cut.  It was like watching someone try to pick a child to feed to wolves.

Now, this kid reminded me of a dear friend of mine.  A dear friend who had a rough time being social, practically made awkward an artform, and had gaming as his support.  It sounds silly to some, but gaming is a huge deal beyond an entertainment level to some of us.  I couldn’t let him choose; I had to help.  He was ready to cut Lucina.  She’s just like a Marth, right?  I chimed in, “I’ll pay for your Marth.”  He looked at me like I was mad.  I am, but not for that reason.  He immediately rejected it, not wanting to depend on some weirdo he met in a line.  I nodded an okay and left it at that.

9:30 rolls around and the manager reemerges.  She has tickets for us, for each character we wanted.  After a brief “Please don’t trample each other” speech, she approached the kid.  He listed off the four he wanted, minus Lucina.  I batted at his shoulder and told him to get her.  He had to have her, this was important.  After a little more convincing and a very confused manager glance between us, his eyes widened that he could have all he wanted.  He took the ticket and made a happy, awkward squee we all seem to make when graced with immense joy.

10:00 and we all strolled in as a line, finally done with waiting.  Not waiting just in line, but also waiting and fretting that we weren’t going to get anything.  We smoothly finished our transactions, clutching our newly gotten goods, and parted ways, all two dozen of us.

I didn’t want to tell this story at first because it’s a huge boast and I hate braggarts.  However, I hope that someone reads this and maybe sees how important these stupid, little blobs of plastic are to some of us.  They’re just a profit to some, but to others, and I’m talking the younger generation of gamers, it can mean the world to them.

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