Magic The Gathering: How Legendary Cards Change The Game

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As a Magic The Gathering player, there are rules that have been around for a long time. These rules are comforting, providing a kind of structure. At the same time, players are always looking for ways to work around these rules. So, when there’s a major rule change, the world of MTG shakes. A few years ago, that happened.

Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit

In Magic the Gathering there are stories, and some of the stories includes creatures or other type that represents a unique individual or thing with a specific name, rather than the generic, unnamed things that most cards represent. A legendary card can only be one copy to be used out in the battlefield. Before the rule change that happened a few years ago, it used to be if you have more than one Legendary creature out of the same name, you lose, and the other player can’t have the same name Legendary creature out at the same time as the other player. You can have more than one copy of the card in your deck for a better chance of the card coming out and be used but you can only have one out on the battlefield.

Now the newer rule is if you have more than one Legendary creature out on the battlefield you have to choose which one you want to get rid of. Chances are if your Legendary creature is out on the battlefield and it gets exiled or tapped permanently by an enchantment, you can cast your other Legendary creature and get rid of the one Legendary that has been tapped or exiled and then that enchantment that was casted onto it goes to the other player’s graveyard.

Atarka, World Render

There are people who aren’t happy about the rule change, and there are people who are fine with the rule change. Either way it’s not going to stop them from playing the game anymore. Legendary creatures can also be used for other formats like Commander (or EDH), Tiny leaders, etc. What’s your thoughts on Legendary cards?

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