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The internet is a wonderful world of information right at your finger tips. Just about the entire collective knowledge of the human race can be found online. But let’s say that you only want to find information relating to one thing. Magic: The Gathering. Where should you go to get your information, strategy, and community relating to this expansive game? Particle physics can wait.

One of the places you can go to find out about playing, how Magic got started, etc. is the main Wikipedia entry for Magic: The Gathering. Shocker. There are thousands of pages on Magic there because passionate fans are dedicated to record the history of the game. There’s information about all the different tournament formats, like Friday Night Magic or Commander. It really is a great page for information. But it is not your only source.

As far as when new set of cards are coming out, you can’t beat the official MTG website. The Wizards’ site will tell you about the product information, new and old. You can also find out when are where tournaments are being held at conventions and elsewhere. The Gatherer is an encyclopedic section of the site for every card released where you can find out what set a particular card is from and there’s even a section for comments on the card. You can find out the rulings of use of the card and what other cards that it combos with to make your game style work the way you want.

Bright colors!

The best (in my opinion) website for buying magic cards is, where they have a huge selection of cards at decent prices. But I also like to order from my local game shop so I can just go right on over and pick it up in person. and are also both good sites to do trades with other players across the world.

You can see live views of trades across the world on
You can see live views of trades across the world on

YouTube is a great resource to see how other people play the game. Wizards also put up videos of tournaments to show pro tour players play and what kind of decks they play with. Lots of dedicated players have made videos walking through their entire deck construction process, from picking cards to how to play the final deck. There are hundreds of hours of material to watch, so find someone you like and subscribe away.

When I first started playing Magic, I was learning how to play from my friends and family and they were a great help starting out. I didn’t start using the internet until much later in my Magic playing life, but I am sure glad I am using it now. It is an incredible resource for everything Magic and everything everything. Including particle physics.

As always, feel free to leave comments or questions. Let me know if I left any sites out. Have fun!

Official Magic: The Gathering website:

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