Stop the hate, Destiny’s awesome!

Stop hating on Destiny. Destiny is an fantastic game, with a few fixable problems. Some are obvious, others not so much. I’ve read a lot of articles talking about all the things the developers got wrong with the game. Most of the arguments are justifiable, but let’s cut this relatively new MMO some slack and lets take a look at the positive side of the game, what is making the game great.

Before we begin, you should know I have my complaints about Destiny as well. From all the annoyances of grinding the same levels over, and over, seeing the worst player on my team in the crucible get an exotic weapon while the rest of us get absolutely nothing, to a story that practically does not exist in the game, I’m aware of it’s issues. But I could care less about any of that at this point, because I just can’t put the game down. Why? Because simply put, the game, even the grind, is an absolute blast to play.

There are so many things that make Destiny a great game. To keep it short I’m only going to talk about three.

1.) Co-op.

Ive never been much of a multiplayer / co-op gamer, but the co-op experience in Destiny is refreshing. The ability to jump into a fireteam with friends already on a mission, strike, or crucible match is awesome. Everyday when I jump online I check out what my friends are doing. I see two of them on a strike together so I jump right in to help out. The extra firepower is always welcomed in these sessions, and we usually end up playing together for hours. Or if I get bored, I will jump into another fireteam with more friends and continue the Destiny grind. It feels good to help someone out. I know most Destiny players have had times where you or someone else needed help with the nightfall or high level strike so you send a few invites out to some friends or random players to help out and gamers begin to join. Even if they’ve already finished the strike they’re still willing to help out even though there is little reward in it for them. What’s not awesome about that?

2.) The Loot.

Oh how we love our friendly neighborhood engram decoder, The Cryptarch. I can hear him now saying “Oh, what a find Guardian!” “Splendid!” All I received is a useless common warlock bond, and low level weapons. But that loot has us going back to every planet, searching caves, killing every enemy, or staying in the crucible for just a few more matches to hopefully be rewarded with a legendary or exotic weapon, or armor. I didn’t expect farming for loot and materials to be as gratifying as it is. Grinding for the best weapons and armor does not get old. Grinding for the materials to upgrade those weapon, and armor pieces does not get old either. Not all loot drops are great but I have gotten lucky more than a few times. I continue to go back to farming sessions thinking, and hoping I will strike gold on my next go.

3.)The Guns/Combat.

There’s not much variety when it comes to the type of guns you acquire. Hand cannon, pulse rifle, auto rifle, scout rifle, shotgun, fusion rifle, machine gun, and rocket launcher. That’s it. What makes the gunplay stand out in this game are the weapon perks. Armor piercing ammo, weapons that reload instantly and increase damage, weapons that fire faster and more accurately the longer you hold the trigger. Those are just a few. The perks add to the options of an already powerful, all-around dominating, character build for every situation. Taking down wizards with power sniper rifles, or laying rockets with void damage on a tough boss like the Arkon Priest leads up to hours of fun. Because Destiny is made by the creators of Halo you would expect the combat to be flawless, and they did not disappoint. Your weapons respond great, and your shots always feel accurate and powerful.

Every game has its problems. The expectations and the hype surrounding Destiny were and still are very high. Destiny has been out for just over a month, and had a somewhat rocky start. Destiny has not immediately lived up to everyone’s expectations, and because of it Bungie is being unfairly scrutinized. Destiny has a 10yr plan, and is in a position to be one of the greatest video games during the current generations console cycle.

In short, Destiny offers a wonderful co-op/multiplayer experience. Combine that with loot grabbing and very solid gameplay makes Destiny a must have. The jury is still out on Destiny, and will be for years to come, but if you’re still not sure if Destiny is worth your time, I recommend giving it a chance. You’ll be glad that you did.

Richard Killens
Im just a regular guy who enjoys the best poor mans vacation there is... Video games.

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  1. I agree. Destiny is one of my top releases of the year. Ive put alot of hours into the game when I didnt expect too. People are so quick to judge

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