Assassins Creed: Unity – Hold Your Applause

Assassin’s Creed: Unity was supposed to be a huge AAA hit from Ubisoft when released. Unity is the first true Assassin’s Creed released on the Next Gen systems. I am not counting AC: Black Flag because it was released cross-platform on PS3 and Xbox 360 along with PS4 and Xbox One. Unity is a blast to play and takes the franchise back to its roots, centered in the urban settings of 18th century Paris. But so far, it is not living up to the hype.

I want to make that clear before I continue, Unity is a quality game and provides a fun and engaging gaming experience.  It just should have been polished more before being released.  For a game that has been developed for four years, it is completely unacceptable that  as I’m scaling down a wall the street disappears from beneath me. I began free-falling through the clouds for several minutes until I died. It completely blew my mind. Yes, the ground disappeared from under my player’s feet.  Seriously, Ubisoft? There is no way  that they did not know of these issues before shipping the game to retailers. The release date was pushed back a month from its original release date to address issues like this. Ubisoft has been actively working on patches to resolve issues like this since the release, but missed a few obvious spots. Is there no quality standard on how the game is expected to run once delivered?  It seems like the publishers are more concerned with immediately reaping the monetary benefits than presenting a “finished” game to consumers.  Situations like this upset me because gamers are getting a bad deal. Companies expect us to pay more for unfinished games,and accept whatever is thrown our way. When they receive a lot of complaints, then they will fix the problems.

I think I forgot rhymes with "pair of shoes". I'll think of it later.
I think I forgot something…it rhymes with “pair of shoes”. Oh well, I’ll remember it eventually.

Well, these changes should not be looked into and fixed after the fact. The problems should have been found fixed and resolved months ago.  This is a unfortunate trend that continues to happen. Publishers over hype the game until the cows come home to get pre-orders, then release over-hyped and under-developed games to hundreds of thousands, or sometimes even millions of gamers who expect a functional product from the first time they boot up the game.  But nowadays, I guess quality is too much to ask for. It shouldn’t be. That must make too much sense.

Assassin's Creed? More like, Assassin's Greed, amirite? It's late, ok? Give me a break.
Assassin’s Creed? More like, Assassin’s Greed, amirite? It’s late, ok? Give me a break.

Then there’s the Assassin’s Creed Unity embargo issue. This was probably the last time Ubisoft pulls a stunt like this. Assassins Creed: Unity reviews were embargoed until after the game had been released for 12 hours. With the gameplay problems the game has, the embargo screams anti-consumer. It makes it seem like the company was aware of the game issues and instead of delaying the game further to resolve the problems, they chose to keep reviews quiet until it was too late.  With that, gamers who pre-ordered or were considering buying Unity were not made aware of the quality problems infesting the game, and the company along with their shareholders received all the benefits before the criticism and negative reviews started to come in. Ubisoft has been noted as saying “we are fixing the things you are yelling about,” and the review embargo was put in place because of the complex multiplayer addition in which “players join forces via the internet”. You have got to be kidding me. Yes, we are yelling.  We clearly have a right to be upset. Ubisoft released a “broken” AAA title game!  They deserved to be yelled at. Assassins Creed is not some MMO online-only game. Online co-op missions arent even a big part of the game. Many players spend most of your time playing solo. There’s no way I’m buying that response and neither should you.

This debacle overshadows a fun game with a awesome story that keeps the player engaged. The co-op missions are challenging and great to play with friends. This title should not be passed up. However, you may want to wait until all of the patches are avaliable so you can experience the game the way it’s meant to be played: smooth.

My review rating for AC: Unity, 6/10.

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