Warner Bros Offers Refunds for Arkham Knight

It appears that the Dark Knight has failed to rise on PC. After being pulled from Steam earlier this year, the game was relaunched on PC earlier this week.

While some problems were addressed, many players have reported that many of the issues with the game still persist. Players have experienced a noticeable difference in frame rate that has caused the game to stutter and freeze at certain points. Because of the mass criticism Warner Brothers has received from their disgruntled fans, they have offered a full refund for those who purchased the PC version of Arkham Knight.

From now until the end of the year, players can return the full game and season pass for Arkham Knight regardless of how long they have played it. It is a shame that such a well-received game was tarnished on one platform due to technical issues. For those that hold on to the game, Warner Brothers stated that they are committed to addressing all outstanding issues and will maintain an open line of communication between their team and the players.


Ray Echo
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