Twitch is like Speed Dating

Meeting people like Adam reminds me why most of us get into streaming in the first place. First and foremost, we do it because it is fun. We do it because we have a passion for videogames. We do it because the people that stop by to watch find a little bit of comfort and familiarity in their day. Before you know it, we are streaming consistently and those regulars that would stop in from time to time become a community. That is exactly the message Adam gets across during our interview.

Today on “Behind the Streams” we are interviewing Adam “Ace” Nelson. He’s been streaming since March of 2014 under the twitch handle Ace_Nelson.



I usually ask everyone who interviews with me one very important question and that is: What sets you apart from other streamers? As some of you might know, this question is directly framed off of Twitch’s own partnership application. You have to think of Twitch as a brand. The people they partner and not just streamers but brand ambassadors as well. These people exemplify the core values of Twitch while bringing something unique to the table.

That being said, Ace did have his own suggestions about what helps streamers separate themselves from the pack:

  • Be Yourself!

What sets me apart is who I am. I don’t pretend to be someone else when I stream. I am open and honest and I play how and what I like.

  • It Isn’t About Making Money

I don’t stream to make a profit. I have a full time job and I love what I do. If I made money on twitch, it would go right back into the stream with giveaways and events. I am here because I want people who watch me to feel INVOLVED, more in MY stream than anyone else, and that’s what I am trying to do.

Both of these points are important. First and foremost not only is it exhausting to pretend to be someone you are not, but your viewers can spot a fake from a mile away. If you are putting on a persona instead of the real you, then you are basically putting a wall between you and the people supporting you. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met people that act completely different than how they act on stream but viewer interaction and forging connections with your audience is key.

Secondly, there is nothing more off-putting while watching someone’s stream when the streamer starts asking for donations. Advice for new streamers, don’t even put up a donation button until someone directly asks you how they can donate. Some streamers on Twitch elect to not even have a donation button. If you do decide to take donations, remind your viewers in a section of your profile that they aren’t necessary but highly appreciated.



I also had a chance to talk to Ace about some of the things he finds difficult on Twitch. He had this to say:

The hardest thing over a year ago is still hard now. Getting people into your stream and keeping them. I look at it like dating, Twitch is an online speed dating website for gamers. You spend some time in a stream, get to know the streamer a bit, read the chat, and you decided within 5 min if you want to give that streamer your number (follow) or move on to the next chap. I want people to watch me because they feel involved and have fun. Not because I am popular and good (but being good never hurts)

Bravo Ace. I have always spoken to people about how competitive Twitch can be when trying to retain viewers but your analogy has a lot of truth in it. Remember streamers, its not just about having them click the follower button. You are now competing for follows, your competing to be a viewer’s favorite streamer. Sure as Ace puts it, its like speed dating. Some viewers may have other “sides” that they go see when you’re not online…but when you are online, they want to Twitch and Chill with you!




I would like to thank Ace for taking the time to talk to me and encourage you guys to check out his stream info below!

Hey guys I’m Ace! I usually play MMO and FPS video games. Right now the major games I play are FFXIV Online, Hearthstone, SW: Battlefront and Albion Online. My schedule is usually  7PM to 12AM EST / Every Day Except Sunday.

Adam "Ace" Nelson
Adam “Ace” Nelson

Feel free to go hang out with Ace on Twitch!

You can also keep up to date with what he’s up to by following his other social media accounts. Until next time everyone!






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