Say Goodbye to the Gjallarhorn


Fresh of the heels of Bungie’s Year 2 Destiny Reveal, the software giant enlightened Destiny players further on what to expect when the Taken King releases on September 15th.

During their weekly update Bungie had mentioned a new system for upgrading Exotics during Year 2. Destiny’s new blueprint system allows players to access schematics for exotic weapons they have discovered. By accessing the blueprint station near the Hall of Vanguards, players will be able to use in-game currency to replicate exotics they have unlocked. In addition, certain Year 1 exotics can be upgraded to a Year 2 form. This makes them stronger and more adept at dealing with the challenges in the higher level endgame content.

Goodbye Old Friend

Here is where Xur gets his last laugh folks…..The Gjallarhorn will not be among those upgradable Year 1 weapons. That’s right. The gun that has been placed on the highest mantle of your Destiny arsenal is going to be as useful as a pea shooter.

Maybe it is for the best. As someone who didn’t get his Gjallarhorn until late in the game, I got to sit back and watch people rely on it for every situation. Every boss, raid, and challenge in Destiny became like a nail to them, and the Gjallarhorn was the hammer. I say you all gather your fireteams and head down to the surface worlds and shoot off a few rounds in remembrance.


Ray Echo
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