Final Fantasy 7 Comes to iOS Tonight!


Long regarded as one of the most loved entries in the series, gamers will have yet another way to get their hands on Final Fantasy 7. Square Enix announced earlier today that Final Fantasy 7 will be available on the iOS app store for iPhones and iPads running iOS version 8.0 and higher.

But before you start clearing out space on your apple products, check out some of the major points about this release.

The Good

Its Final Fantasy 7. If you are waiting around for the PS4 remake this is a great way to experience the game on the go. This is the first time the game is released on iOS and is basically ported from the PC version.

The game has some features that mobile users will appreciate. For instance:

No Random Encounters: Don’t want to spend time grinding it out fighting low level monsters every time you take a few steps? Ok no problem. They added a feature that disables random encounters so you can get to where you want to go quick.

Max Stats: There is a max stats option that will automatically make you and your entire party the maximum level with maxed out stats. Want to go and fight Ruby Weapon? Don’t want to spend time leveling? Just switch on Max Stats.

Of course for some grizzled veterans that takes all the fun out of it. Which is why these cheat codes are totally optional and only there for that segment of gamers who don’t want to go through the grind.

The Bad

I love Final Fantasy 7. It is one of my favorite games from the entire franchise and probably on my list of Top 3 RPGs I’ve ever played. But there are some cons to playing on iOS.

Controls: First off, the layout of the menus and control scheme was not modified for phones and tablets. Instead Square Enix elected to have a virtual joystick take the place of real controls.

Price Tag: Don’t expect to find Square Enix games in the bargain bin of your App Store. The price of the game in New Zealand where it is currently out is 19.99 NZD which translates to a little over $13 U.S. dollars.

The Verdict

If you can get over the price tag and the controls then you can pick up Final Fantasy 7 on the App Store sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning. Final Fantasy 7 is still an incredibly solid game and likely one that you can sink another 80 plus hours into on your phone. What it boils down to is the manner in which you wish to experience it.


Ray Echo
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