Destiny Year 2 on the Horizon: A Recap of Today’s Bungie Announcement

A New Dawn

It’s hard to believe that Destiny has only been around for 1 year. The amount of changes to many of the game’s core systems have been substantial, even for a MMO. However, the one thing that any Destiny player has learned from Year 1 is that Bungie is listening to their community and relying on user feedback to improve the Destiny experience for all. Today Bungie went live on Twitch and looked towards the future of Destiny and the changes on the horizon as they start Year 2.

Bungie packed a lot of information into their short livestream session today so here are some of the key changes coming to Destiny in Year 2:


Leveling Up

Anyone that has played Destiny during Year 1 knows what a grind it has been to level up your favorite characters. Mostly because the whole process was reliant on something out of your control: random gear drops. You needed better gear with higher light levels to level up. That is no longer the case.

You can now level up the ol’ fashioned way by gaining experience points. The max level cap has been raised to 40 and your current light level in the game is being grandfathered in as your character level once the Taken King DLC is released. This is done by accumulating all the gear you have acquired across all your accounts and figuring what is your base level. A word to the wise, don’t dismantle any of your high level gear until after the Taken King is released.


destiny leveling“You can now see specific cool down times for your abilities”

Light level is now a product of all your gear. It is the average of the attack power of your weapons and the defensive power of your armor. The light level contributes to the amount of damage you output and the amount of damage you take. Once you hit level 40 you are capped and it allows you to equip some of the best pieces of gear in the game.

Your special stats such as intellect, discipline and strength have also been tweaked. Now when viewing a certain stat such as strength, you can see the specific cool down time for your ability. Thus, if you are a warlock running a Voidwalker subclass, you can see how many seconds it takes for your void strike ability to cool down.


taken king spark of lightInstant Ticket to Level 25

Players that have not been keeping up with the level cap increases or would like to try a new class will also have some options. Every player who buys the Taken King DLC will get access to a consumable called “Spark of Light.” Spark of Light will automatically raise your character’s level to level 25 so that you don’t have to wait to jump into the new content.

Quests and Bounties

The bounty and quest page has also seen a major facelift. Now guardians will be able to equip up to 16 bounties at one time. They have updated PvP bounties and PvE bounties with a whole suite of new bounties which have objectives that are easier to complete simultaneously along with your new objectives.


bounty trackingBounties and Quests Can Now Be Tracked


Bounties and quests can now be tracked now up to a maximum of four. You can access them by pulling up your ghost. One of the most crucial and welcomed changes is the ability to turn in your bounties from wherever you are for immediate XP and reputation gain.

32 quests can be held at the same time. There are quests that will be available from Vangaurds, core story characters, faction leaders, and more.


Legendary Marks

Legendary Marks replace vanguard and crucible marks. You can acquire them the same way in which you require crucible and vanguard marks currently. Just like in Destiny Year 1, you can only carry up to 200 in your inventory. However, there is no longer a weekly limit placed on the amount you can gain in a week. This means that you can spend your marks and continue to accumulate more within the same week. No more waiting around! Legendary items that you no longer want can also be dismantled for legendary marks.



Now you can see a collection of all the ships, emblems, and shaders you have collected throughout your adventures. This is gonna be a great tool for completionists who just want to catch ’em all.


emblem collectionCollections Help You Track Down Those Missing Treasures

Another use of the collections feature is the ability to be able to see which treasures you have yet to collect and view detailed instructions for unlocking them.



All year two items will have a node called infuse. Infuse allows you to take a weapon that you like, grab higher level items and use them as fuel to make your favorite items stronger.


infusionInfusion keeps your favorite weapons relevant

One of the best features is that infusion keeps your favorite weapons relevant. An exotic or legendary item that you enjoy may not be strong enough for the challenges you face at level 40. Feeding your favorite weapon better and stronger firearms can help boost its attack power and make it an asset rather than a decoration inside your vault.


Some of the biggest changes in Destiny Year 2 are reflected in the vendors in the game’s social spaces. Many of the vendors have updated gear to sell. The Speaker for instance now sells level 40 equipment. In addition, the class items he sells now offer passive abilities and are no longer just aesthetic decorations for your character.

Faction Leaders: All Faction Leaders now have a new system in order to gain reputation. You can choose to pledge your allegiance to a faction for any given week. However once you change it you are stuck with that faction for the entire week so choose carefully. Reputation gained by playing crucible and vanguard missions will be applied to your faction reputation. In addition, you can exchange your extra materials for reputation gains. Faction reward packages will now have a guaranteed legendary item as well as some strange coins and other currencies. There is also a higher chance to receive shaders and emblems.


faction allegiancePledge your Loyalty Guardians

Crucible Handler: There are now PvP quests available as well. If you complete all 5 PvP bounties, you can unlock a 6th bounty which grants you a high level Nightfall-tier reward.


crucibleBig Rewards for Completing Crucible Bounties

Cryptarch: Its a small change but the Cryptarch will sell legendary engrams in exchange for legendary marks.

Gun Smith: The role of the Gun Smith has now been increased. The Gun Smith now has field test weapons. They are like weapon bounties. Once you complete these field test bounties you can earn reputation with the gunsmith. As you use field test weapons and complete quests, you can choose  foundry orders as your reward. Foundry orders allow you to pick up a foundry weapon on Arms Day (every Wednesday).


Exotic Blueprints

Exotic Blueprints are records of exotic weapons you have found during year 1 and year 2 of Destiny. If you misplace an exotic or accidentally dismantle an exotic you can remake an exotic piece you already have. Any of the year 1 exotic exotics are automatically available in Year 2. They are improved in level. In addition the last perk in Year One gear becomes the first perk of the Year 2 gear. Not every exotic available in Year 1 will be available as a Year 2 exotic.


Vault Space

Yes, Bungie has answered your prayers guardians. Vault Space has been doubled. Weapons and Armor has been increased to 72 spaces. We all wish it was infinite but this should give us Destiny hoarders some breathing room.


vaultWeapon and Armor Space is Doubled


With all these new changes on the horizon it looks like Destiny will be continuing to improve after time. These new mechanics alone are enough to bring players back to experience the game in new ways and continue down the path of “becoming legend” once the Taken King DLC releases on September 15th.

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