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I am a firm believer in the phrase “Everyone has a story to tell.” Everyone has gone through things that have changed them. These past experiences add to a person’s own uniqueness. I made ‘Behind the Streams’ because I want to highlight these stories and show the gaming world that no two streamers are alike. They all have their own styles, their own backstories, and their own motivations for streaming. Twitch has streamers from all walks of life and whether they have 1 million followers or 5, they all share and exemplify what it means to be part of the Twitch community.


I know you are use to hearing that the Cake is a Lie, but I assure you that today you can Trust the Cake.


“Pronounced Vee-Oh in case you’re confused”

Today on “Behind the Streams,” we are interviewing Vio. She’s been streaming since March of 2015 under the twitch handle Vio7_2. She is a full time student but still manages to find the time to stream five times a week. Her channel art is centered around the motto “Trust the Cake” and there are little cupcakes everywhere (sounds like heaven). She currently has 20,000 followers on Twitch and has been playing a ton of Destiny. If you want to catch up with her on her social media you can follow her on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook as well.



What was life like pre-Twitch and why did you decide to start streaming?

Vio: Honestly, life was pretty dull. I used to live in London in the UK, and all I would do is wake up, play League of Legends, eat in between games, then go to sleep and repeat the cycle. It was starting to get depressing for me. That all changed when I decided to change my life around and move to the States, where my friends convinced me to stream. 



What do you usually play and what is your streaming schedule like? 

Vio: I’m mainly a Destiny streamer but I do like to throw some variety in there from time to time (for instance Assassins Creed Syndicate or Fallout 4 (Hype!!!)). My schedule usually consists of me streaming everyday apart from Mondays and Wednesdays, and I usually start around 10 pm or 12 am EST and stream for at least 4 hours. Unfortunately I have a very busy schedule due to being a full time student and being a student visa holder in the States, as well as exercising several hours during the day to stay healthy and motivated, so this is the best I can do for now. 

“Vio’s Stream Set-Up”


What do you think sets you apart from other streamers. 

Vio: I feel like I’m one of the few streamers who have not forgotten what the essence of streaming should be: to game, entertain, and have fun. I love connecting with my viewers and making them feel like they are family to me and that they “belong” somewhere. I want to be that person that people go to when they are having a bad day or even that person that they are looking forward to during the day for me to cheer them up. I want to spread happiness throughout Twitch, and create a big community of like-minded individuals, which so far I have managed to do and am still continuing to do. I remember back when I had a pretty depressing life, that is exactly what I needed in my life however couldn’t find, therefore I want to be the one who provides that. I love streaming, gaming, and making people happy, so it’s extremely perfect for me. Sure, I may not be the best gamer out there, but I sure as hell care about every single person who gives me the time of their day to watch me and let me make them happy.


What was the hardest thing for you when you began streaming? 

Vio There are two things that I struggled with when I first started: getting a consistent schedule down (which I still struggle with a little honestly), and figuring out who I was as a streamer and what my goals were. When I first started streaming I was rather casual and I didn’t think much of it, but the more people came in to watch me for who I am, the more I realized I had the power to make people happy by just sitting there, talking to them and connecting with them.


Tell me a streaming horror story 

Vio: I suppose the worst thing that has happened to me was my very first DDOS, where I did not know what to do and was freaking out pretty badly. I was constantly being attacked for weeks straight until I found a solution, and even though I was DDOSd on basically a daily basis, I never gave up my stream dream and continued.


What do you eventually want to do with your streaming career? 

Vio: I want to grow a large close-knit community and make as many people happy as I can. This world needs more positivity and if I can provide that, then I’ll take up on the opportunity in a heartbeat. I want to make people happy and I want this to eventually become my career as well. It’s honestly a dream job to me.


Do you have any advice to give new streamers? 

Vio: Be yourself, make your stream unique, try and bring out the best quality you can, face cam is extremely helpful especially if you are trying to connect with your viewers, make sure you have people that can help you out with the chat, and play to your strengths (whether it’s your skill level or being an entertaining person in general. If you don’t know, try and find out and ask around)! Other than that, there are plenty of helpful tutorials on YouTube.


Streaming Lesson: Kindness Goes A Long Way

Vio’s story reminds me of one of the aspect’s of Twitch that often gets overlooked by the viewers. These streamers who put themselves out there and in front of the camera to make your day better are real people. They go through all the emotions that you go through and they too have had their share of bad days. Vio turned those feelings into something positive. As streamers, one of the greatest things we can receive is when someone tells us that we made their day better. Whether we got to joke around for a little while and entertain them or whether we gave out some awesome life-changing advice while completing a raid in Destiny, the small things we do have impacting results on those watching. It is great to feel valued as a streamer but it is even better to value others and make them feel that they belong.

Ray Echo
Ray Echo is a freelance writer for Giant From The North. He's probably going to a comic con near you. He spends his off-time streaming with his pal Azzy (Azzyland) on Twitch

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