Four Game Writers Always Making a Difference in the Medium


Hi, I’m a new writer on this site and I’ll start off this article’s topic by telling you a bit about myself. I love storytelling in games. Heck, I’m trying to write some. The industry has been booming with tale after tale, telling something with innovative mechanics a la Shadows of Mordor, or just being straight up meaningful like The Last of Us or The Swapper. If you want the perfect quadrinity of narrative designers, then these four bloke’s upcoming games should always be on your radar.


Tom Jubert

Known For: The Swapper, Driver San Francisco, Penumbra Series

To be honest, the next three after this are actually pretty well known. This is the guy who definitely needs to be shown in the light though. Every one of these writers is unique and Tom is that way with his philosophical meanings in games like The Swapper and The Talos Principle. His messages are special in that they’re more personal than some of the others on this list. Tom likes to talk more about emotions and personality than those others and although it may not feel as important as the issues that they cover, his well crafted dialogue that fuels his well developed characters makes some truly emotional moments that you can’t get in any other form of entertainment. Also he can make some good jokes as shown in Driver: San Francisco.

You can follow him @TomJubert on Twitter!


Hideo Kojima

Known For: Metal Gear freaking Solid, Snatcher, Zone of the Enders and

Let’s just get him out of the way already. Hideo is amazing with his stories that tackle issues in the real world and can cause a whole plethora of emotions to come from the player. From confusion, to laughter and even sadness. Yes, he relies on cutscenes a bit too much, but he has managed to get those emotions out of players even with the gameplay. Hideo’s been working in this business for a long time and he’s only getting better as his games have gotten even more interactive. Now we can move on.

You can follow Kojima @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN on twitter.


Ken Levine

Known For: The Shock Games, Thief, S.W.A.T. 4

Another pretty well known one, but one I’ve grown to respect and appreciate more with age as I’ve played his games since I was a teen. Ken likes to tackle society a lot. That’s why most of his resume includes games centered around civilization. He really likes to talk about issues in the modern day whenever something of his comes out and sometimes he gets down to that personal level that Tom is so wonderful at achieving. A similarity that all of these writers have is their great, or at least very defined, characters and Ken really puts them to the test in the Infinite games. With him having left his main developer to make smaller games, I can’t even imagine what he’s writing up next. Maybe more cities.

Go follow Ken’s easily shoppable face at @IGLevine on twitter.


Goichi Suda

Known For: No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer 7

Now for the reason for the quadrinity: Tom is personal, Hideo is innovative, Ken is topical and Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51 is just there to make you laugh. He’s there to make you feel better… in that really uncomfortable and dirty way, but he still has a sense of humor at least amongst the dramatic soap operas of other games, including some beginning with the word “Military” and ending with “Shooter.” At the end of the day you need to go to bed happy and satisfied and if you need to play something that will give you a good time, then Suda’s insane characters, hilarious dialogue and outrageous plots will give you at least a giggle before bed. Sometimes you don’t need philosophy or political meanings. Sometimes you just need to have a good time and that is meaningful in of itself.

You want to see true madness? Then follow Suda @suda_51 on twitter!

The article is over, but an adventure awaits. I mentioned that I like to write games at the beginning, for without coding skills or art skills I cannot script or draw a game. For now, I’ll be writing ‘choose your own adventure’ games. I give you a little something, an example, a little taste. I hope that you enjoy it and my skills not go to waste. Then give me some feedback and let me know what you think.

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