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Airscape: The Fall of Gravity

Last week I had the pleasure to review Airscape: the Fall of Gravity. When I first started playing the game I didn’t know what to expect. I saw a few screenshots and I thought the game was cute, but that was all about it. Little did I know that I was in for a treat. The experience of seeing the beautifully animated welcome screen for the first time is enhanced…


Nintendo Releases All Three Super Smash Bros. DLC Collection Packs Bundle On Amazon

Ever since DLC started slowly dripping out the faucet for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and WiiU, it’s pretty obvious that buying every DLC pack that has came out so far has been quite tedious and expensive for the average consumer, but fear no more! Nintendo has recently released the Super Smash Bros. Digital Complete Pack on Amazon.com for $79.99 U.S. dollars. You’re only paying for the online download digital…


What the- Time Crisis 5?

Hello dear readers! I have had an interesting Amiibo hunting week.  I hope you guys found some of your much wanted unicorns these past few days.  I found a Captain Falcon, and I couldn’t be happier.  I also saw Marths, Charizards, Dark Pits, Foxes, Little Macs, and some lonely Olimars.  It was magical. Three days ago, though, I couldn’t find anything but a few neglected Luigis.  Rumors were flying around…


Ubisoft Announcement

A few hours ago, Ubisoft started a livestream on its YouTube Channel featuring a cave painting. The image depicts hunters and a number of different animals such as a saber-tooth tiger, a bear, a mammoth and an owl, to list a few. There appear to be scenes where a shaman of some sort acts out rituals, such as human sacrifice.   In the top left corner, there is a figure that…

destiny dlc

Destiny’s new DLC brings Microtransactions

Don’t Worry, Destiny is not going Pay-To-Win It’s official, the folks at Activision are introducing microtransactions in the next DLC update. According to Kotaku, Activision will not be selling large expansions this time around. Instead they’ll be giving away quests and various missions away for the big cost of $0. That’s right, free. This is all part of their plan to build hype for Destiny 2 next fall. In order to…

for the king header

Kickstarter Interviews: IronOaks Games ‘For The King’

I had the opportunity to interview Gordon Moran, the art director for IronOak Games’s new Kickstarter, For The King. For The King is a turn based RPG based off IronOak’s designer Colby Young’s board game. What inspired you to create this game? For The King was inspired by our game designer Colby Young’s board game, The Black Gate.  It’s an homage to traditional RPGs and we wanted to bring back…


New TLoZ: Tri Force Heroes Trailer!

Hello fair readers!  Just a quick bit of news today.  Nintendo released a new trailer detailing more information about the next installment in The Legend of Zelda series, Tri Force Heroes!  There’s a tidbit of story explaining who you’re saving and why they’re important.  It seems a little vapid, but probably has some world shattering effect; we shall see. It also details a little bit about the multiplayer aspect, that…


TwitchCon 2015 – Press Start!

This past weekend, the Mascone West Center in San Francisco was filled with purple from wall to wall for Twitchcon 2015. This was the first convention hosted by the game-streaming giant and it did not disappoint. I could give you an outside perspective of the things I observed but I opted to go for a more personal touch. I will be discussing TwitchCon in the style of a conversation between…

NBA 2K16_20151001210840

NBA 2K16 “At the Line”

The time has come for the yearly iteration of NBA 2K. Commonly, 2K is met with criticism over their one year development cycle. Opponents of this development strategy argue that one year of development does not allow the game the opportunity to grow and improve year to year as all changes are small tweaks and not large overhauls.  This has most certainly been true of NBA 2K in the past…


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