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Recipe Saturday: How to Master Basic Scrambled Eggs

It’s tough to make basic scrambled eggs photogenic. When it comes to breakfast basics, nothing gets more basic than scrambled eggs. While they are among the easiest breakfast foods to cook, they are also one of the easiest to screw up. Here’s how not to do that.IngredientsEggsButterSaltPepperMilk (optional) First things first. Break your desired number of eggs in a bowl and mix them with a fork. Some people like to…


iPhone 5 Sells Out, Apple Continues to Troll the Media and I Rant a Little Bit

So in case you haven’t heard. The iPhone 5 sold out in an hour. Are you surprised? No. Is this worth more than a single 140 character tweet? No, except for the fact that it’s the iPhone 5. Does the media (including PsikTech) go scramble to write articles about it? Yup. Why? Because it’s an iPhone. The iPhone 5 is being described as a disappointment in the tech media based on initial impressions. There…


iPhone 5: Only Relevant Because People Don’t Know Better

iPhone 5. A relic of an earlier era. With today’s announcement of the iPhone 5 we finally got an official look and the new best seller from Apple. Sadly it failed to impress. I say that not as a reformed Apple fanboy. I say that from the aspect that, for educated consumers, there is nothing here that has that special wow-sauce.Maybe it’s the the fact that everyone pretty much already…


Microsoft On The Verge of Pulling a Blackberry 10 Style Disaster? Windows Phone 8 Delayed

A lot is riding on the Nokia Lumia 920, both for Microsoft and Nokia. With the immanent announcement of the iPhone 5, the pressure is on for Microsoft to finish Windows Phone 8 on time. According to The Verge,  It looks like the folks in Redmond are having to pull out all the stops to ensure that their next attempt at the mobile space arrives. For manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung…


LG Intuition: LG Gets the Phablet Wrong

Wonky, ugly and just plain wrong After the recent success of the original Samsung Galaxy Note, it seems that everyone want to get in on the phablet action. HTC for instance is expected to announce their own 5-inch phablet on September 19th. LG has lagged in recent years as none of it’s device have pulled in the type of press coverage that Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Nokia have. The LG Intuition,…


Deal Alert: 128gb SD Card for $89.99

I remember back in the day when I bough my first 256mb SD card for my first digital camera. I paid $40 for that thing and thought I had more than plenty of space. Well look at this, a $89.99 deal on a 128gb SD card that could back up my first SD card 512 times! This card is Class 10 as well.  Other 128gb SD cards sell on Amazon for…


Galaxy Note II coming to Verizon? CDMA Phablet Fans Rejoice!

Yes, you heard that right. It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note II will indeed, becoming to Verizon. While this is not 100 percent confirmed yet, a reputable source told Briefmobile that Samsung will repeat it’s multicarrier launch tactic that made the Galaxy S III so popular.  What makes this even more delicious is some of the specs. It looks like the Verizon version of the Note II will be…


Hell May Be Freezing: Nokia Coming To Verizon?

Lumia 820 on Verizon? A recent leaked screenshot suggests the possibility. So it looks like Big Red may in fact, be adding a Lumia 822 to it’s lineup very soon. Looks like NokiaPowerUser posted a screenshot about this mystery Nokia device appearing in Verizon’s device management system. Out of respect for NokiaPowerUser I’ve decided to let them host the screenshot, so you’ll need to head over there to see it. That is…


Recipe Saturday: AwesomeBread

Both loaves are so easy a caveman could do it. Original style in the back and Cheddar, Garlic, Parmesan in the front. What does bread have anything to do with technology? Well you can’t very well do anything if you are hungry. Welcome to easy recipe Saturday.  This recipe is filling and is also brain-dead simple to make; chances are, you already have all the ingredients you need to make…


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