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Phones for The Holidays

Believe it or not, we are going into the holiday season. We are now in the thick of the technology update time of year too. Apple, Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Motorola have all had big press events and there are still a few more to be expected. It’s a time of year when fanboys and fangirls regroup and rearm themselves for another year of Sisyphean debate over the superiority of their OS of choice….


HOT: Nokia Lumia 920 Could Be Coming To Verizon

NokiaPowerUser is reporting that there is good chance that the Nokia Lumia 920 will in fact be on Verizon. This will make lots of Windows 8 fans happy and could potentially be the break that Nokia needs to make it big in the U.S. It looks like this phone may be coming sometime in November. This could be a banner year for Nokia if the rumor that a variant of…


iOS 6 Maps Are Crap and Nokia Makes Some Hay

By now you’ve heard the news, Apple’s new maps app in iOS 6 is crap. A quick search in the Apple Support Communities will reveal scores of people complaining about one of the “Jewels” of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Well Apple, you screwed the pooch on this one, now fix it. Nokia on the other hand, is having a fantastic time with Apple’s newest set of woes. I…


The New Samsung Commercial Mocking iPhone Users

Looks like Samsung is really playing hardball with the advertising. In a world where marketers rarely directly name competitors in their advertisements Samsung has. Building on the success of previous campaign, Samsung has released a new advertisement making fun of the iPhone 5 and the fans that love it. What do you think? Is this ad fair?


Asus Windows Tablet Prices Leak, Tech World Groans

The pricing for the Asus Vivo Tab RT is pretty steep.  Yesterday, ZDNet got a hold of prices for the three upcoming Windows 8 Tablets. While on one hand the prices are fair in that they compete directly with the iPad, on the other hand, it could spell trouble for the fledgling operating system. Starting at $599 (US) for the 32gb, 2ghz Asus Vivo Tab RT tablet is a pretty…


Rumored HTC 5-inch Phone for Verizon Has a Name & Specs

Is this the HTC Dlx coming to Verizon? It looks like the HTC 5-inch phablet rumored to be coming to Verizon has a name. The HTC Dlx. According to the rumors, it will be sporting Qualcomms new quad-core S4 chip, 16gb internal storage and 1.5gb of RAM. Surprisingly it doesn’t look like this phone will be competing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, also coming to Verizon, as it doesn’t…


Windows Phone 8 Goes Golden Master, Won’t Pull a Blackberry 10

Nokia Lumia 920 (left) and the Nokia Lumia 820 (right) are Nokia’s latest attempts at resurrecting in the U.S. smartphone market Well it looks likedespite release delays, Windows 8 will in fact make it out on time. According to WpCentral, Microsoft has RTM’d (Release to Manufacturer) Windows Phone 8. This means that manufacturers now have access to Windows Phone 8 and can now being testing the official build on their…


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