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Behind The Streams

Are you a streamer with a story? Want to share your experiences and what got you into streaming? Or do you have something that you believe sets you apart from other streamers? If you answered yes to any of these, then I am looking to interview you! My new series “Behind the Streams” is about sharing the stories and experiences of streamers. It is easy to see someone for the…


Warner Bros Offers Refunds for Arkham Knight

It appears that the Dark Knight has failed to rise on PC. After being pulled from Steam earlier this year, the game was relaunched on PC earlier this week. While some problems were addressed, many players have reported that many of the issues with the game still persist. Players have experienced a noticeable difference in frame rate that has caused the game to stutter and freeze at certain points. Because…


Exciting Halloween Updates

Halloween, also known as All Saints’ Eve, is celebrated in many countries around the world, although the way in which this event is commemorated can vary greatly from region to region. Here in the US we mostly recognize Halloween by eating candy corn, carving jack-o’-lanterns and wearing crazy costumes, but if you are an avid gamer then you know there are other ways to have fun during this event. Of…


Kickstarter Interviews: Anthony Rotondo – The Forgettable Dungeon

Periodically, we like to interview Kickstarter creators about their game and their game design process. I had the opportunity to interview Anthony Rotondo, creator of The Forgettable Dungeon, an action-rpg/co-op rogue-like. What inspired you to create this game? The original Rogue! The game actually started out as a faithful recreation of the Rogue but with online multiplayer, this as you can imagine was quite complex and hard to balance. If…


Angry Birds Arcade

Hello dear readers!  I had a fun time getting stuck in a rainstorm a few weeks ago, and decided to take shelter in an arcade instead of driving in the craziness.  Rain makes desert dwellers crazy, believe me.  While there, I saw the previously mention  Time Crisis 5, which was an absolute surprise.  I also found another wonderful surprise: Angry Birds Arcade. A few months ago, I heard news that…


The Game: Hard Bean, Soft Bean

Something has infected my family. It has taken over their lives and is the focus of their waking hours. It came from overseas, but it will soon be found in great numbers across North America. It has dragged innocent victims into twisted torture that silences their vocal chords, but also causes them to shout in agony moments later. What is this new evil? It’s called The Game and my family…


The Future of Sports Games

With the recent release of NBA 2K16, now seems as good a time as ever to address my growing disappointment with sports games. Now that we have systems capable of more than ever imagined, it only seems right that the games we play now reflect this. However, sports games seem stuck in rut. While the graphics have become noticeably better, the game play has not. There has been a very…


Yoshi’s WW Pictures!

Hello, dear readers!  Yoshi’s Woolly World came out today for the Wii U!  I hope you all got a chance to buy the latest amiibos, Yarn Yoshi in the flavors of melon, strawberry, and blueberry (please don’t lick your Yoshi and expect actual, non-yarn flavor).  Instead of gushing about how absolutely adorable this game is and the toys that tie into it, I decided to take some unboxing images of the…


Piña Pirata-The Quest for the Golden Pineapple

Rawrrr! Avast, ye landlubber…..I can’t do this. I can’t write an entire review of Piña Pirata in the voice of a pirate ship captain who also happens to be an anthropomorphic tiger. You knew what I was doing, right? I thought I made it painfully obvious. Piña Pirata starts out so simply that while reading the rulebook, I was looking to see if I had missed anything important. Play a…


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