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Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is a pixel-art based, multi-platform, rogue-like adventure game and it is completely free to play. The purpose of the game is to explore the deepest, darkest, most dangerous depths and retrieve the Amulet of Yendor. There are no ads or micro-transactions, but there are ways to donate in order to support the developer. You can even use bitcoins. The game features four heroes: warrior, mage, thief, and huntress….


Twitch is like Speed Dating

Meeting people like Adam reminds me why most of us get into streaming in the first place. First and foremost, we do it because it is fun. We do it because we have a passion for videogames. We do it because the people that stop by to watch find a little bit of comfort and familiarity in their day. Before you know it, we are streaming consistently and those regulars…


Steamy Steam Hardware

Hello, fair readers!  Sorry for the radio silence lately, but I have had a busy, busy top half of November.  Between birthdays, anniversaries, my birthday, my anniversary, and a deluge of new games and gaming toys, it has been a delectable mess.  I have so much to tell you all, but let’s start first with some show-and-tell. Valve, a company held near and dear to my heart, dove face first…


Fallout 4: Two Hours In

We as gamers have waited a very very long 5 months since Fallout 4 was announced at E3, and it’s finally here. Bethesda’s new masterpiece has finally hit the shelves and the internet has gone crazy for it! Mods have already been released for the game! But does it really live up to the hype the internet and Todd Howard, the game’s director, have built up for it? This 2…


SOMA – The Best Not Scary Horror Game Ever

Holy crap. That’s the words that are left coming out of my mouth after finishing this game, but I truly mean that in the best way possible. When I think of SOMA after playing I am constantly reminded why Fractional Games is so well known for their talent of making amazing horror games. While this game does not exactly focus too much on scares, just the ideas and concepts put…


Kickstarter Interviews: Daniel Solis of Kodama: The Tree Spirits

Here at GFTN, we like to interview Kickstarter creators about their game and their game design process. I had the opportunity to interview Daniel Solis, game designer for Kodama: The Tree Spirits, a beautiful card game on Kickstarter. What inspired you to create this game?  I love using cards in new ways that you don’t normally see in card games. I was inspired by James Ernest’s Agora and Hisashi Hayashi’s…


Behind the Streams – Trust the Cake

I am a firm believer in the phrase “Everyone has a story to tell.” Everyone has gone through things that have changed them. These past experiences add to a person’s own uniqueness. I made ‘Behind the Streams’ because I want to highlight these stories and show the gaming world that no two streamers are alike. They all have their own styles, their own backstories, and their own motivations for streaming….


Perception is Reality

Perception is reality in this first person puzzler developed by Pillow Castle Games. Museum of Simulation Technology, which is currently the working title of the game, is inspired by “forced perspective”, a camera trick, which makes things appear smaller or larger, depending on where the viewer is standing. In the game, this translates to being able to grab objects of any size and move them around, forcing them to grow…


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