Windows Phone Growing Market Share, Blackberry Tanks

According to a new report by Kantar Worldpanel, Windows Phone’s market share has grown nearly 52 percent over the same period last year. Before Windows Phone fans get too excited the growth was from a  paltry 2.7 percent to measly 4.1 percent. These numbers are not something that Android or iOS (who are naturally in the lead) will loose sleep over. Who should be losing sleep? Blackberry.

Blackberry’s Future is Still Precarious

Blackberry, (the phone maker formerly known as RIM) has lost nearly 80 percent of it’s market share in the past year slipping from 3.6 percent to an insignificant 0.7 percent. If Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins is able to snatch Blackberry from the gaping jaws of doom he will hav pulled off nothing short of a miracle. The Z10 seems to be a good start. However, whether or not consumers will warm up to a device that is perceived as stodgy or to corporate is yet to be determined. It will be interesting to see Blackberry’s numbers a quarter or two down the road once the Z10 has been on the market for a while.

Windows Phone, Slow and Steady

What does the mean for Windows Phone 8 fans? It means that slowly but surely, US consumers are starting to warm to the idea that Redmond’s operating system might actually be kinda cool. Anecdotally,  it seems to me that Microsoft is starting to shrug off the stodgy, evil corporate perception it built around itself in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Especially for those were too young to remember Microsoft in those days. 
If you will recall, I very nearly switched from Android to a Windows Phone 8 device. Namely, the Nokia 920. While I do not regret my decision to go with a Nexus 4, I still think I would have been just as content with a Windows Phone device. The OS seems to split the gap between iOS and Android nicely and consumers are responding positively.

One more note. These numbers are for the United States only. So take that into account.

So what do you think. Do you think Windows Phone will ever grow to a strong 3rd place or will they always stay in single-digit market share?
Kenny Larson
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