Windows Phone 8 Goes Golden Master, Won’t Pull a Blackberry 10

Nokia Lumia 920 (left) and the Nokia Lumia 820 (right) are Nokia’s latest attempts
at resurrecting in the U.S. smartphone market

Well it looks likedespite release delays, Windows 8 will in fact make it out on time. According to WpCentral, Microsoft has RTM’d (Release to Manufacturer) Windows Phone 8. This means that manufacturers now have access to Windows Phone 8 and can now being testing the official build on their devices.

Now that Windows Phone 8 is complete, the onus is on handset makers like Nokia, HTC and Samsung to get their devices out on time. With the iPhone 5 looking to be hugely popular  and Android and iOS having a commanding lead in the smartphone market, Windows Phone 8 has an very steep hill to climb to make gains in market share.

Microsoft has also been a bit coy in reveling the full list of features for their newest mobile operating system. We do know that they have added NFC for mobile payments and other operations as well as support for larger screen resolutions (720p) and multi-core processor support. They are expected to announce full details on their features at the Build ’12 conference at the end of October.

At lot is hanging on the success of Windows Phone 8. For the likes of Nokia, their very existence in the mobile space is among them.

So what say you? Do you think that Windows Phone 8 will finally make Microsoft a relevant, viable player in the smartphone market?

Kenny Larson
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