Weekend Round Up

Stories that you may have missed during the week:

Riot at Foxconn Plant, Could Delay iPhone 5
The week started off with a bang as reports came in Monday morning of a massive worker riot at a Foxconn plant that is part of the Apple supply chain for the iPhone 5. Reports indicate that at least 2,000 workers took part and that 5,000 police were called in to quell the dispute over wages. 

Why I Love Windows Phone 8 and Why I Won’t Switch to it

I think Windows Phone 8 is the most innovative mobile operating system out there. The user interface is also the best looking option available. I list a number of other reasons that I love Windows Phone 8 as well as my reasons why I can’t get myself to switch. Most of which are irrational. 

Samsung Continues it’s Ad Campaign, Releases Two More Mocking Apple
Samsung’s popular ads mocking Apple and Apple fans. These are mostly recuts of the original ad with a few new tidbits thrown in. While these kinds of ads were entertaining when we saw the first of them at the beginning of the year, they are starting to get old. Frankly, I think Samsung needs to find a new horse to ride.

Samsung Expects to Galaxy Note 2 to Sell 20 Million

Samsung is expecting the Galaxy Note 2 to sell very well this holiday season. From anecdotal evidence that I’ve seen, I’m inclined to agree. 

This was a busy week that was primarily dominated by the hullabaloo surrounding Apple and their disappointing Maps app in iOS 6. In a surprising move Apple CEO Tim Cook, a formal apology letter was released. 

Recipe Saturday:…Cast Iron and Gnar

The busyness of the week kept me from posting an actual recipe this Saturday. So to make it up to you I recommended a great food blog with recipes that I can personally vouch for. Trust me, it’s like no other food blog you’ve ever seen.
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