T-Mobile Gives Windows Phone 8 Fans on Verizon Hope

Nokia Lumia 810

In case you haven’t heard, T-Mobile announced the Lumia 810 today, thus giving more credence to my earlier theory that the Lumia line will likely come to Verizon.
With this morning’s announcement, hundreds if not thousands of U.S. based Nokia fans breathed a sigh of relief and had a restoration of hope that Nokia had perhaps not bungled things up. The Lumia 810 looks to have nearly identical specs as the Lumia 820 but sports a more squared-off, design. Obviously, the revelation that T-Mobile will have the 810 makes earlier reports of a Lumia 822 on Verizon seem more likely. Read the T-Mobile press release to get all the details for yourself. 

What do you think? What do you think the likelihood of a Nokia Lumia on Verizon is? When do you think we will see a variant of the Lumia 920 on another carrier?
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  1. While this is certainly good news for WinPhone fans on T-mobile, I’m not sure I really see the correlation between T-mo getting this and Verizon getting a 920 variant. Take a look, for instance, at the HTC One line. The One X was an ATT exclusive, and the One S was a t-mobile exclusive. it seems that Nokia is doing the same thing! Flagship on ATT, mid-level on Tmo.

    Of course, then Sprint broke the mold with the One X variant in the Evo LTE, which is definitely something VZW could do with the Lumia line.

    I still think the possibility of a Lumia on VZW is very, very slim, and as much as I’d like it to, I don’t really think this makes that seem any more likely.

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