Six Apps My Nexus 4 Can’t Live Without

What is is a smartphone without apps? Here are the 6 apps that I simply cannot live without on my Nexus 4.

Beyond Pod

I’ve used several different podcatchers including the newly updated PocketCast and I keep coming back to BeyondPod. It is the most feature rich podcatcher with the ability to specify how many episodes to keep per podcast channel and things like turning on WiFi when downloading podcasts. While the interface may be ugly, its features outweigh any misgivings I might otherwise have. Play Link


Here’s the thing. Originally I had Google Reader in this slot. But since the untimely demise of my beloved reader of choice, I’ve moved everything wholesale to Feedly. I have to say, it is actually much better for my needs than Reader ever was. It even combines a Pocket-like read later function. A chrome extension is also available. Play Link

Tweetcaster Pro

With all the talk out there about Carbon and Falcon Pro, Tweetcaster can get overlooked. It is my twitter client of choice primarily for it’s ability to schedule tweets. I haven’t found any other client that can do that on android. Since this is a must for me, Tweetcaster Pro is my only option. There is a free version but I find ads terribly annoying. Not the prettiest app out there but I find it the most functional. I’m noticing a trend here…Play Link

If you don’t know what is, you should check it out. It makes tracking your finances brain-dead simple. The real secret to money success in life is knowing where and how you are using your money. makes it possible. Play Link

Google Music

Call me old-school but I like to own my music which is why I will probably never pay for a service like Spotify or MOG. Since I am on a 16gb Nexus 4 and I have upwards of 20GB of music alone, there is no way I can store all of that on my phone. I also don’t want to mess with having to plug my phone in and constantly sync music like iTunes. Google Music gets the job done. Easy to use and convenient as all get out. Play Link


I also a member of several forums. This is a must have for people that participate in multiple forums. If you don’t have it, I suggest you get on-board. Play Link


What are your top 6 apps?
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