Samsung Gets Jumpy, Could Release Galaxy S 4 by March

The Galaxy S III may become a geriatric phone before its time should be up

For whatever reason, it looks as though Samsung may announce the Galaxy S IV at Mobile World Congress in 2013, not even a full year after it announced and launched the Galaxy S III. Read on after the break.
Perhaps it is the reports of the iPhone 5 selling like silicon touch-panel hot cakes. But everyone, including Samsung should have expected it. It is after all the iPhone. Whatever the case, this seems a little jumpy to me.

I wonder how all those Galaxy S III owners feel, knowing that the Galaxy S IV will render their once premium phone, not so premium in less than one year. It’s a little reminiscent of the whole Motorola Razr, Razr MAXX debacle at the beginning of 2012.
The Galaxy S IV will likely sport a quad-core Exynos processor and LTE and according to ZDNet, may bump the screen up to five inches from the current 4.8 inches on the Galaxy S III.
So what do you think? Is this too soon for Samsung to release their next flagship phone?
Kenny Larson
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  1. In short… yes. Thankfully I got the S3 and realized it really wasn’t anything super special, so I sold it and kept my upgrade. Even so… what samsung is doing is mostly irrelevant to me. My next phone will be a nexus.

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