Rumored HTC 5-inch Phone for Verizon Has a Name & Specs

Is this the HTC Dlx coming to Verizon?

It looks like the HTC 5-inch phablet rumored to be coming to Verizon has a name. The HTC Dlx. According to the rumors, it will be sporting Qualcomms new quad-core S4 chip, 16gb internal storage and 1.5gb of RAM.

Surprisingly it doesn’t look like this phone will be competing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, also coming to Verizon, as it doesn’t seem to have an integrated stylus solution. On the other hand, HTC may be following LG’s lead in that they omit a storage spot on the phone chassis but still include a stylus. Whatever the case is, a stylus is one of the main draws to the phablet category. Otherwise you are simply carrying a phone that is way too big.

Another fact that hardcore Android fans will find disapointing is that it appears that the HTC Dlx will not have an external microSD card slot. With only 16gb of onboard memory, this device will fill up pretty fast.

It makes me wonder what HTC is thinking. Their marketshare is decreasing and their flagship One X is not selling nearly as well as they need it too. HTC simply cannot afford to build a phone to flop. The conspiracy theorist in me speculates that Verizon forced HTC to neuter the phone so as to not compete too directly with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. With these lower specs, this phone may undercut the Note 2 by $100 or more, creating another phablet price point for Verizon.

We will know for sure after the HTC event on September 19th.

UPDATE: It looks that the name for the new HTC device will be the Droid Incredible X.

So, what say you? Does HTC have a potential contender to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or will this phone be a dud?

Via: HTCSource

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