REVIEW: Expert Shield Screen Protectors for the Nexus 4

Are Screen Protectors Necessary?

There was a point in time when instinctively upon purchasing a new touchscreen device, I would also buy a screen protector. But that was a time when you actually needed screen protectors. Screen were made with softer glass and scratched very easily.

Fast forward to now and everything is protected by some iteration of Gorilla Glass and the promise of sapphire displays is on the horizon. So that brings me to the real question while testing the Expert Shield screen protector for the Nexus 4: Does a screen protector make sense?

The kind folks at Expert Shield contacted me several months ago asking if I would like to review their screen protectors for the Nexus 4. After receiving their screen protectors I had a chance to do a long-term road test to see how it performed. My findings are mixed.


Lets start off with the pros. Screen protectors from Expert Shield come with not one but two protective films. One for the front and one for the glass back of the Nexus 4. This is definitely a bonus with the glass on back being more susceptible to scratches than the main display glass. Like advertised, the films are very easy to install on your device and I didn’t even need a credit card to help apply it without bubbles. If you are off on your placement, take it off and try again. There are no residues left over. As far as application goes, this is as easy as it gets with screen protectors.

As far as protection, also as advertised, my Nexus 4 didn’t receive a single scratch while using the films. I even took it completely out of my Seidio ActiveCase and put it in the same pocket with keys just to see how well it worked. Not a scratch. I have no doubt it will protect your phone from all scratches.


First off I want to be upfront and say that I am definitely not a screen protector guy. If you are not a screen protector person, these won’t change your mind either. My two main problems are the fact that I can see the screen protector on my device which is made worse by all the extra finger grease it collects. The protectors clean easy enough, but the fact is, I noticed finger oil more with the protectors on than when I am not using them. No one likes the smudgy look of finger oil on their beautiful mobile device displays.

To be fair, I don’t think this is a problem unique to Expert Shield but to the category as a whole. I have yet to find a screen protector that will not look noticeably more smudgy after 5 minutes of use. Maybe it’s just me but if I paid top dollar for a phone, part of what I am paying for is the display. I want those beautiful photons to fly directly to my retina and not have to pass through any more media than necessary.


In conclusion I would and would not recommend the Nexus 4 screen protectors by Expert Shield. If you the type that is very worried about scratches, than I would whole-heartedly recommend this brand of screen protector. If you are like me however, and don’t tend to throw your phone in the same pocket as your keys, then you already know your answer.

I should also mention that Expert Shield gave me a few extra screen protectors for the Nexus 4 to give away as well as a screen protector for the first gen Nexus 7. I will be posting the giveaway information later this week so stay tuned!

Kenny Larson
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