Recipe Saturday:…Cast Iron and Gnar

Hey folks. If I can get this uploaded in the next hour and 40 minutes, It’ll still count as Recipe Saturday.  Life has been pretty busy the past couple days so I apologize for not having my own recipe up to post. I try and post on this blog every night after work and after the kid’s in bed. Sometimes if I am lucky, I’ll fit a post in on my lunch breaks as well.

That being said, in lieu of me actually posting my own recipe tonight, I am going to link to an excellent blog for a few delicious food ideas. I can personally vouch for some of the recipes as I have eaten the food myself.

The blog is called Cast Iron and Gnar. It’s not a typical food blog. Kinda hard to explain. I will say that even if you don’t ever plan on cooking any them, every recipe is worth the read. Just click on the link and you’ll see what I mean.

Also, he isn’t always able to post regularly so definitely add it to your RSS feed. Well that’s all I got tonight.
Just click on the link. Do it now.

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