Nokia Tablet in the Works?

Earlier rumors of a Nokia tablet look to be very likely true since WMPoweruser has confirmed this with their sources that these unicorns really exist. According to them, Nokia has actually provided these tablets to Microsoft for app testing.
A beautifully designed polycarbonate Nokia tablet? Yes please! The tablet is reported to be a Windows RT device with an unidentified ARM based chipset. We’ll just have to wait and see. If this is in fact true, I suspect to see this tablet out before the end of the year.

Here’s the big question, how will it stack up against the Microsoft Surface? Of all the Windows 8 tablets out there, the Surface is the one that has maintained the most buzz and interest. Not only does the Surface have the advantage being made by the makers of Windows 8, it also has a distinct margin advantage in that it will not be subject to Microsoft’s Windows Tax. When Asus announced their tablet pricing, the tech world groaned. Hopefully Nokia will be able to price their tablet lower, or offer more for the price of a tablet.

Would you buy a tablet made by Nokia? 
Kenny Larson
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