Nokia Lumia Could Still Be Coming to Verizon

I really hope Nokia heard the collective groan of thousands upon thousands of Windows Phone 8 fans as AT&T announced that they had snagged the exclusive right to sell the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 in the United states. However, PR and marketing departments can be tricky. There is still a chance that a derivative of the Lumia 920 will come to Verizon so Windows Phone 8 fans shouldn’t give up hope yet.
If you are a Nokia fan in the United States you undoubtedly heard the unfortunate news that the Lumia 920 is a AT&T exclusive. What appears to be a terrible mistake on Nokia’s part for shipping GSM phones to the United States may in fact be part of a broader, more cunning marketing ploy.

If you recall there was a screenshot posted that showed the Nokia Lumia 822 in Verizon’s data management system. There was also a seemingly reliable rumor that the Lumia 920 would also come to Verizon. While today seems to have dashed those hopes, what really may be happening is that AT&T will be the exclusive carrier for the Nokia Lumia 920 but not the Lumia 922.

Due to the sheer size and weight of the Verizon leviathan, they can force a manufacturer to make changes to their phones before they are allowed in their stores. Also, being a CDMA carrier and the Lumia 920 is a GSM phone, there would obviously need to be a different radio chip in any Lumia that might show up.

I also suspect that if the Lumia 920 does show on Verizon it will be priced lower than it’s AT&T counterpart. In all likelihood, the Lumia 920 will be priced at $299 on contract with Ma Bell. Verizon may have Nokia to drop the capacity of the Lumia 920 to 16gb so that it can be sold for $199 on contract. While 16gb doesn’t seem like very much on a smartphone with no micro-SD slot, with 7gb of SkyDrive storage and the lessening need to store information locally, it could be more than sufficient for the majority of users. Having both a lower capacity and a different radio chip would be all it takes to get Nokia to list a different model number for the Lumia 920.

A 16gb Nokia Lumia 92x phone on Verizon selling for $199 would sell like hotcakes. Imagine how the the Internet would react to an unexpected announcement of that device on Verizon?

We’ll just have to wait and see if this scenario materializes.

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