Nokia Lumia 920 Exclusive to AT&T, Not Coming to Verizon

AT&T, announced today that the Nokia Lumia 920 will be launching with them sometime in November. Sadly, for you Windows Phone fans who are on Verizon, it looks like you may be out of luck.
This could end up being a big mistake for Nokia, who is facing significant cash flow problems and may be forced to sell their HQ building. Coming to Verizon would have exposed them to millions of potential customers who, up until now, haven’t really been exposed to the Windows Phone experience.

The news also flys in the face of rumors that the Lumia 920 may be coming to Verzion. Disappointing as it is, in many ways, it also isn’t terribly surprising. Nokia hasn’t been making very many smart business decisions lately (just look at their slipping market share) so choosing to only make a GSM version of the phone fits that strategy. On a positive note, you will be able to order the device in cyan if you are an AT&T subscriber.

*Sigh* Oh well. Are you disappointed?

Kenny Larson
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  1. As Apple and Samsung have both discovered, carrier exclusives don’t help anyone. This is a terrible, terrible idea, and will be a huge holdback for many. I, for one, will absolutely not be switching to AT&T as a carrier and I don’t believe the 920 will be widely available (at a reasonable price) unlocked, so it’s absolutely not an option for me anymore.


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