Mobile Game Review: Reaper

Reaper Is a Mobile RPG Done Right

reaper start screenI will admit that I am lukewarm in regards to mobile gaming. Perhaps I am simply too old to really “get it” but when you could have during certain periods of your life bordered on becoming a “hardcore” gamer, the standard for games is pretty high. Mobile gaming is a completely new paradigm to which I haven’t been entirely sold. That being said, the RPG Reaper could have almost single handedly changed my mind.

The Pitch

In Reaper you play a mysterious black swordsman fighting hordes of imperial invaders, weird tiki-ghost things and mystic tribal zealots. To top it off, Reaper is an approachable, casual RPG that doesn’t feel overly casual. As you progress through the game you eventually level up, grow stronger and can learn abilities on a simple skill tree. You also earn gold for killing baddies and completing quests.

Pure Genius

The real genius behind Reaper is that it doesn’t pretend or promise to be something it is not nor can ever be. That is, a hardcore RPG game.  Mobile gaming simply isn’t suited for hardcore, Skyrim style RPG play. Screens are too small and touch screens aren’t tactile enough. Reaper keeps things simple by having the Black Swordsman attack automatically when you come close enough to an enemy, saving user input for big power attacks, jumping and movement with swipes and double taps. Don’t think that your little swordsman’s success is independent of your own skills. Your reflexes very much determine if you survive the battle or not. There is plenty of dodging, jumping and dashing to be done. Not to mention timing your power attacks.

Screenshot_2013-09-30-18-23-20With the gold you earn by killing the aforementioned baddies or completing said quests, you can buy upgraded trinkets, armor and swords that will expedited the necessary extermination of your malefactors. These is a definite bonus to the game and you will find yourself chasing golden beans (worth 25 gold) across the screen before they bounce away. Armor, trinkets and swords significantly affect your combat effectiveness so you will want to get those beans and coins.


A game is not an RPG unless there is some form of quest involved. Reaper has them and they advance the story. Granted they are largely confined to dialog and combat but they are quests nonetheless.Screenshot_2013-09-30-18-22-45

Easy to Pick up and Play

Perhaps my favorite thing about Reaper is that it is fun regardless of the time you have to invest. Playing it during a short transit ride or long waits at the DMV are equally enjoyable. There are no “save” points you’ll be feverishly working to reach before the bus arrives. Were ever you are in the game, simply shut off your phone and it will save your progress and put you right back where you were. The one caveat being that if you are in the middle of combat you’ll have to repeat the combat sequence.


Reaper is free to download and there are no annoying micropayments that nickel and dime your wallet dry. There are also no ads that take you out of the experience. However, the free version caps your character at level 10 so while you can still play the game, you won’t be able to upgrade your skills beyond that. There are 3 premium upgrade options ranging from $2.99 to $4.99. All of them unlock the full adventure and your characters level cap and the 2 more expensive options give you premium items and armor.Screenshot_2013-09-30-18-23-14

On a scale from 1-5 , with 5 being the highest, I give this game a solid 4.5.

Amazingly it can be found for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and in the Windows Store. Yes it will play on the Surface RT.  Also as a special bonus to Android fans, Reaper is compatible with Nvidea Shield.

Works on Every Platform

Click the links below to get this awesome game on your mobile device.


Google Play

Windows Phone

Windows Store



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