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We Windows Phone users are a rare breed. We are like the die hard fans that will forever root for the team that hasn’t had a winning season in 20 years. All of us have our reasons, most of them are not necessarily rational but that doesn’t matter. So when a major game  spreads to Windows Phone from Android and iOS, it is cause to celebrate. Enter Plague, Inc. This sickest (as in totally awesome) game to hit Windows Phone in a very long time!

Start Your Plague

Introduced in 2012 the whole premise behind Plague Inc. is to infect and kill every living human on the planet. You pick a region to start in and evolve your disease over time to increase infectiousness and severity. Eventually the humans will get wise to your existence and begin working on a cure. Once that happens the race is on.


You gain “DNA” points as you infect and eventually kill more of the human population. You also gain bonus DNA for popping bubble that appear when you infect a new region or when random DNA point bubbles appear. Those DNA points are then spent to evolve your plague. The way you evolve your disease will very much determine the kind of game you have. Spend too heavily on “Symptoms” at the beginning of the game and you risk becoming so lethal that your plague doesn’t have time to infect anyone. Spend your points unwisely in the “Transmission” category and you might not have enough points later in the game to either become lethal or to mutate when you need to set back human research efforts.

Which brings me to my next point. Once humanity discovers that you exist, they will start researching for a cure. Obviously, once they find a cure, you might as well quit because you’ll lose all your infected humans.

Different Kinds of Plagueswp_ss_20150825_0001

When you first start the game you will only have access to the bacteria level. As you beat the various difficulty settings you will unlock special abilities as well as different plague types. They range from bacteria to fungus and parasites to viruses, prions and even bio-weapons. Each of those plague types have very different behaviors and require adjustments to your strategy.

Hugely Addictive

This is hands down my favorite game for smartphones. Period. If you’re a strategy person or have ever had despotic monomaniacal thoughts (haven’t we all), then buy this game. I’ve bought it twice. Once when I was still on Android and I immediately bought it again once it was made available on Windows Phone. You can even play the game on touch screen Windows PCs (like my Surface Pro 3).

Throughout the game humorous news posts will pop up, adding a fun bit of flair to this game

One interesting note is that the developer was actually invited to the Centers for Disease Control to speak about his game.

If you haven’t bought this game yet, click the appropriate download link below and get it. Now!

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