Microsoft Reveals Surface Pro Pricing

It’s about friggin’ time. Today via a blog post, Microsoft has announced the pricing for their eagerly anticipated Surface Pro. It’s expensive but not as bad as some had feared.
Microsoft revealed that the Surface Pro will cost $899 and $999 for the 64gb and 128gb models respectively.  It looks like the Surface Pro will come with a digitizer pen/stylus but will not come with any sort of Touch/Type cover. You’ll have to buy that separately.

The Surface Pro will be running full Windows 8 Pro and pack an Intel Core i5 processor and USB 3.0 port. All in a body that is only 14mm thick.  This looks to be a killer device, I only wish it was for sale during the holiday shopping season.

Frustratingly, there are no details yet as far as availability.

So you gonna pick one up?

Via: Microsoft

Kenny Larson
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