Microsoft On The Verge of Pulling a Blackberry 10 Style Disaster? Windows Phone 8 Delayed

A lot is riding on the Nokia Lumia 920, both for Microsoft and Nokia.

With the immanent announcement of the iPhone 5, the pressure is on for Microsoft to finish Windows Phone 8 on time. According to The Verge,  It looks like the folks in Redmond are having to pull out all the stops to ensure that their next attempt at the mobile space arrives. For manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung and HTC, all they can do is sit and wait nervously. Yes, Microsoft appears to be behind schedule with Windows Phone 8.

It appears that Windows Phone 8 has been plagued by bugs and instability issues that are more difficult to correct that first anticipated. First slated to launch in the beginning of October, the release of Windows Phone 8 was pushed to October 26 and then to October 29. The loss of a few weeks can be devastating for a company in the mobile gadget world. Consumers are a finicky, impatient bunch and those few weeks can add up to millions in lost sales as holiday shoppers purchase devices on other platforms. The looming specter here of coarse is the new iPhone 5.

While the Nokia 820 is coming to Verizon, it will likely be
in November or later.

For manufacturers the results can be even more devastating. Imagine being in Nokia’s shoes. Chips all in with Windows phone, their very existence in the mobile space is contingent on them selling lots and lots of Lumia 920s and Lumia 820s. Neither of which can launch before Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8.

While I don’t think that Microsoft’s delays will become nearly as bad as the continual delays of Blackberry 10 affecting RIM, this does not set a good precedent. Microsoft simply must deliver the goods come October 29.

What do you think? Will Microsoft pull it off or will the release of Windows Phone 8 be delayed yet again?

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